Can You Mix and Match Entire Household Audio Parts?

Can You Mix and Match Entire Household Audio Parts?


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If you are creating a total household audio system, you need additional speakers than a typical hi-fi or property theater setup. But do all your components need to be the exact brand name, or can you combine and match?

Know Your Whole Residence Audio Program

Contrary to a single stereo set up in a presented home, entire residence audio fills your property with songs working with speakers placed strategically throughout. If your home is greater, this suggests that you’ll almost certainly have to have a good variety of speakers, and these aren’t just affordable.

No matter if you can mix and match distinct elements through your property will generally depend on what you are presently applying. Wired residence audio units are considerably less typical and much more tough to established up, but you’ll generally have far more independence to blend and match parts.

Wi-fi full house audio speakers are far more widespread currently, and they are a lot easier to the two established up and use for listening to songs. The downside is that since these are substantially more technologically innovative than a typical wired set up, they are extra pricey. They also typically use proprietary engineering that would make employing them with other manufacturers’ products tough.

With the above in thoughts, that doesn’t suggest that you can only ever use one particular model of wireless multi-area speakers. It also doesn’t mean that just about every single speaker will do the job with your wired set up.

Mixing Elements for Wired Entire Residence Audio

As pointed out earlier mentioned, it is less probably that you have a wired whole property audio process, as they’re additional concerned to established up. That mentioned, if you do have a wired procedure, you are in luck when it comes to upgrading or including factors.

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With a wired set up, you will not typically need to fear about which manufacturer can make a sure speaker or component. Speakers and other elements are “dumb” in comparison to wi-fi and clever speakers, so you do not want to be concerned about a speaker not functioning only simply because it’s a further brand.

That reported, you ought to make guaranteed that a given speaker will handle the wattage that your amplifier provides. If you are employing a lower-wattage speaker with a higher-wattage amp, the speaker will blow. You will also have to have to make sure to match impedance between your speakers and amplifier.

For the most part, audio parts use standardized connectors and cables. That said, there are a handful of diverse styles of connections utilised in audio devices, so you might have to swap out the occasional cable.

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Mixing Components for Wireless Full Residence Audio

Wi-fi total residence audio methods could possibly be less complicated to established up and use, but they are really a bit trickier when it comes to mixing and matching between brands.

Wireless multi-room speakers are self-driven, additional generally than not applying course D amplifiers, which let them pump out appreciable volume without having needing to acquire up much too a great deal actual physical room. This not only usually means no wires apart from a electricity cable, but it usually means that you do not will need to fear about wattage, impedance, or normally even needing a standalone amplifier.

The draw back listed here is that most models are only worried with interoperability in between their possess merchandise. That signifies that if you have a several Amazon solutions, like the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot for instance, they’ll work jointly, but they won’t perform seamlessly with your Apple Television.


That stated, extra and additional intelligent speakers and full property audio solutions are commencing to support systems that operate across makes. The two most frequent are Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Google’s Chromecast.

The two AirPlay 2 and Chromecast are initially and foremost intended to function with Apple and Google devices, respectively, but also work with 3rd-party gadgets. For illustration, you could perform a music from Apple Audio on your Apple HomePod mini and a Tv set with AirPlay 2 crafted-in.

These technologies are not readily available in every single products, so if you have mixing and matching in head for the long term, continue to keep this in mind when generating your initial invest in.

If You Can, Adhere With 1 Model

While many complete residence audio elements can combine and match, in our practical experience, it is almost usually a headache of some sort. This applies predominantly to wireless programs, but even with wired whole dwelling audio, you are going to typically have an a lot easier time if you adhere to the same brand name.

Obviously, there are periods when you’ve received an current method that you can not realistically enhance with the very same brand, but if you are starting off from scratch, preserving every thing less than one particular brand’s umbrella is the most basic way to go.

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