Is the Cost of The Laser Hair Removal Process Really Worth it?

laser hair removal prices

Every time you use a razor or a strip of hot wax on your body, we know that you go through a lot of pain. However, have you ever considered opting for laser hair removal treatment? Many years ago, laser hair removal caught the attention of several women around the country. Initially, it was also practised by the rich and mostly celebrities. However, due to the long-lasting results it delivered, laser hair removal became popular among a large number of people.

Yet, a lot of women and young girls still have doubts about the procedure and if it’s worth their money or not. In this article, we are going to bust some myths around laser hair removal and laser hair removal prices.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

Think of laser hair removal like a video game. During a laser hair removal session, the laser beam targets the melanin in your skin. It kills the hair in the hair follicles and stops it from growing for a long time. You can see complete hair loss after 6 to 10 sessions. Since the laser beam targets a certain area of your skin, the beam does not affect the surrounding skin.

However, there are certain conditions on which the laser hair removal treatment does not work-

  1. It does not work on grey hair
  2. It does not work on dark skin. This is because dark skin tones usually have dark hair.

Things you must keep in mind before opting for laser hair removal treatment

To ensure that you get effective results from laser hair removal, follow these simple steps. It will help you to prepare yourself before the laser hair removal session.

  1. You Must Consult a Dermatologist

Before undergoing the laser removal treatment, you must know about your skin type and have clarity about your skin issues. For this, you must consult a dermatologist. They will solve all your queries about laser hair removal treatment.

  1. Search For The Right Clinic/ Studio

Now that you are sure that you want to quit shaving or wax, it is important to look for a good laser hair removal studio. skinnsi offers the best laser hair removal services. They have a team of well-informed dermatologists who customise the treatment according to your needs.

3. Undergo a Patch Test

Before you undergo the laser hair removal treatment, the professional will conduct a small patch test on your skin. This is to check whether the treatment is suitable for your skin. Once the patch test is done and you don’t see any negative effects on your skin, you can book an appointment with skinnsi.

4. Avoid Sun Exposure

After the laser hair removal session, you must avoid stepping out directly into the sun. if it is inevitable, then you must apply sunscreen. 

5. You Can Shave Your Hair

You must ensure that you do not use wax or pluck your hair at least 2 to 4 weeks before the laser hair removal session. This is because it can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. You should also avoid using shaving creams or bleach on your skin. Another thing you ust follow is that during the laser hair removal treatment, you can use a razor to shave new hair.

6. Keep Your Skin Clean

Make sure to keep your skin clean and dry. Avoid using any make-up or lotion or deodorant on the treated skin.

Why Should You Opt for skinnsi’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

  1. Cost-Effective- The money you spend on your monthly visits to the salon for waxing is never-ending. skinnsi wants laser hair removal to be adopted by everyone in society. Following this vision, they offer a wide variety of packages with each package starting at an EMI of only Rs 3166 per month.
  1. Suitable For All Skin Types- skinnsi’s laser hair removal treatment works on all skin types. It is conducted by a trained professional. Each treatment plan is customised keeping in mind your skin’s needs. 
  1. They Use the Best Laser Technology– skinnsi uses the best laser technology. Their quadruple wavelength technology ensures that your skin does not get heated. 

Now that you are well versed with laser hair removal treatment, we believe that you have made up your mind about laser hair removal treatment. To know more about the services and packages offered by skinnsi, you can check out their website. 

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