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Decorating Your Summer Home

Decorating Your Summer Home


With summer right around the corner, it’s time to prepare to enjoy the long days, sun, and weather. Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the season; Labor Day weekend ends it. 

In between, no shortage of festivities takes place including Independence Day. Since schools let out for the season, many families travel away from home for several weeks or months. The most famous migration takes place by NYC’ers to the Hamptons.

Some individuals own a summer home also known as a vacation house or second property. Others rent it.

If you don’t travel for the warm season, you can still give your primary residence a vacation feel.

We offer seven tips for decorating your summer home.

1. Add Flowers

The bulk of flowers bloom in the spring from March through May. By summer, they fully sprouted and adorn gardens, parks, and sidewalks. Thus, the public associates flowers with summer too.

To give any space a summery feel, decorate with floral fabrics. Plus, add the fresh kind to every room.

Flower fabrics work well for pillows, comforters, and table cloths. Then, top tables with fresh flowers in beautiful vases.

Flowers that thrive in summer include:

  • Daisies
  • Black-Eyed Susans
  • Clematis
  • Dahlia

If you tend to a garden, you’ll have fresh flowers daily.

2. Brighten the Color Palette

Color doubles as a decoration. For summer, brighten it up. Start with yellow. Then, add orange and complementary pink shades.

You can also go nautical with navy and complementary shades of white and beige.

Some individuals decorate their primary residence with modern coastal interior design themes. You can use the same theme for your summer home. Pick a color palette that exudes the coast, Mediterranean, or sea. Then, finish the look with minimal decorations and furnishings.

For ultimate comfort, add a versatile modern rug such as those found at Lawrence of La Brea.

 3. Lighting

Most people see indoor lighting as a necessity; they’re right. However, the public has caught on that lighting doubles as decor.

Decorating for the warm months means acquiring furnishings that don’t add more heat to the interior. 

In the evening hours, every home requires some lighting. For a summer house, opt for lamps and skip the ceiling lights that illuminate entire rooms. 

4. Get Festive

In the United States, nothing says summer more than BBQs, fireworks, and Independence Day. Decorate your summer home with American flags and American flag variations such as bows, banners, and wreaths.

You can place them on the main entry door, porch railings, and deck. 

5. Change the Blankets

The changing seasons become most obvious at night. For fall you suddenly need an additional blanket. When winter arrives, it’s time for warmer ones.

Researchers believe that the optimal temperature for sleeping ranges between 60 to 67 degrees F. When summer rolls around, it’s time to change the blankets. Opt for 100% cotton and save the wool for winter.

Plus, blankets double as decorative items. Place a throw on the sofa and chairs in the living area. Keep an extra one in the hallway closet for guests.

6. Make the Porch Inviting

The warm weather means that you can spend more time outside, especially on the porch. Make it inviting by adding a swing, plants, and patio furniture.

If mosquitoes live in your area, protect the porch by adding nets. In 2022, mosquito nets provide maximum protection and don’t bring a lot of attention to themselves. Therefore, the nets won’t become an eyesore and you’ll remain pest-free.

7. Keep the Decor Airy

The trick to decorating for the warmer months is to keep things airy. The summer months throughout the United States get hot. You don’t want to add decorations that make the interior warmer. 

Opt for cool fabrics and materials such as cotton. Plus, use them to create a billowy interior. 

For example, the windows require dressing. Instead of using heavy curtains, opt for sheer materials that add a touch of romance. 

Incorporate the same logic to table cloths and rugs. Lighter fabrics contain less thick fibers. Thus, you can clean them more easily.


Whether you spend the summer months at home or you migrate to your second home, decorate the space to suit the season and festivities. Summer is a great time to relax. Optimize the relaxing vibes with coastal cool or minimal modern decorations.

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