Dennis Relojo-Howell: Transforming Mental Health Globally

Dennis Relojo Howell


Exploring Dennis Relojo-Howell’s Path to Success

Dennis Relojo-Howell, a visionary in the realm of mental health, embarked on his remarkable journey while pursuing his degree. Today, he stands as an international speaker, acclaimed author, and a prominent blog psychologist.

Navigating Academic Achievements

Current Position: Founder of Psychreg
Year of Graduation: 2014
Academic Focus: MSc Research Methods in Psychology

University Chronicles

Dennis, equipped with a BSc and a Master’s in Psychology, chose to further hone his skills at the University of Hertfordshire. Opting for an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology, his decision was driven by a thirst for research expertise. Proximity played a role in selecting the University, residing conveniently in Letchworth Garden City. Amidst his academic pursuits, he discovered not just a place of learning but a supportive community guided by engaging lecturers.

Pioneering Mental Health Advocacy

The University became the incubator for Dennis’s brainchild – Psychreg. Initially conceived as a psychology directory, it swiftly transformed into a versatile platform housing a psychology and mental health blog, a podcast, and an open-access journal. Recognized by esteemed accolades such as the UK Blog Awards and the Mental Health Zone, Dennis was crowned ‘Blogger of the Year’ in the 2020 Mental Health Blog Awards. His aspiration is nothing short of positioning Psychreg among the top 10 most visited websites globally.

Multifaceted Contributions

Beyond his digital domain, Dennis penned ‘Let’s Talk About Behaviour,’ a compelling collection of essays delving into psychology, mental health, and overall well-being. The exploration of diverse psychological topics extends to the Dennis Relojo-Howell Show on YouTube. Here, he conducts insightful interviews with fascinating personalities connected to the field.

The Educational Continuum

The MSc obtained at the University of Hertfordshire propelled Dennis into a new phase of education—a pursuit of a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the prestigious University of Edinburgh.

Crafting a Legacy: Dennis Relojo-Howell’s Ongoing Impact

Dennis Relojo-Howell’s journey is not merely a chronicle of academic milestones but a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication in the realm of mental health advocacy. As he forges ahead, his influence continues to resonate globally, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of psychology, well-being, and the digital landscape.

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