Different Types of Burkini Swimwear To Wear This Summer

Different Types of Burkini Swimwear To Wear This Summer

A swimsuit is a gear that makes swimming a lot more fun and comfortable activity. Nobody can swim with comfort when they are wearing the wrong clothes. That’s why the fashion world has been introduced to swimsuits. There is a whole range, from appealing body-hugging swimsuits to comfy oversized ones.

It is because people have varying preferences and their personal level of comfort. Some women love to go out in beautiful printed floral two-piece swimsuits, while others like to wear full-coverage swimsuits for utmost comfort. Now, the stores have introduced burkini swimwear. What is it? You’ll get to know it soon. Keep scrolling and hold back with us! 

What is burkini swimwear?

‘Burkini’ has evolved out of two words- burqa and bikini. The activewear was introduced in 2004 by Aheda Zanetti, and now you can see them everywhere! The purpose of the burkini swimsuit is to allow all women to enjoy sports and swimming without worrying about their clothing concerns. Like we said before, all women have different choices of clothing. So for women who are used to wearing a burqa in their daily routine, a burkini is an alternative to other swimsuits. It would feel inappropriate and annoying to go swimming in a tracksuit and a hijab. Hence, burkini! 

Burkini is mainly designed for Muslim women who choose to go out with headcover. It helps them do activities like swimming and sports with a headcover. The swimsuit covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands.

Not only Muslims but women of all communities love this swimsuit for the comfort it offers. You can be yourself and be indulged in the activity without having to adjust the swimsuit from anywhere. These swimsuits are easy to wear and remove and even perfect for summer. Burkini swimwear is available in a lot of styles, colors, and prints. You can either keep it solid or go cool with floral prints. 

What do they look like?

They come with a range of accessories like modern swim turban, detachable skirts, and more to complete the look. There are a lot of stores that offer this swimsuit, but only a few of them offer satisfying top-notch styles. Therefore, try shopping for burkini swimsuits from reliable sources that have stunning designs and figure-flattering fit.

A few renowned stores offer swimsuits with classic detailing and super cool coverage like detachable skirts and sleek turtle necks. 

You will majorly find two types of burkini swimsuits a fully-covered bathing suit and a semi-covered bathing suit. 

  • A fully covered burkini swimsuit has long sleeves, long pants, and a headscarf/cap. These swimsuits are available in various fabrics and price ranges. You can pick one according to personal requirements. 
  • On the other hand, a semi-covering bathing suit reveals a bit of skin. Some may have knee-length pants, quarter sleeves, or some may be sleeveless. These are also offered in various fabrics. 

Based on the price range, stores offer different swimsuits. The most affordable ones may have thicker or heavier material than the expensive ones. You can shop according to the budget and needs. 

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