DIY Christmas tree ornaments

DIY Christmas tree ornaments

Decorating your Christmas tree is the most emotional moment after a year of gathering Christmas tree ornaments. Whatever your traditions during Christmas holidays maybe, we can all agree that the ornaments are the personality of your Christmas tree.

Creating your own Christmas ornaments is a great way to bring all of the family together for a craft day event. Kids will love to join. Even if you are new to DIY projects, creating ornaments for your Christmas tree can be a simple project. Here are a few designs that are not only spectacular but also catch the essence of the season. The crafts are sectioned by difficulty level to make it even easier, so try them out together with kids.

DIY Beginner

Christmas Candy Cane Ornament

Supplies: Candy cane, transparent ball ornament, hammer.

Candy Cane Ornament

Choose between mini candy canes or regular size candy and place about 6 to 8 pieces in a little Ziploc bag. Hammer all treats lightly and tap the candy rather than to completely crush them into little pieces. The bigger parts of crushed candy look better in this ornament due to their mix of colors. Another thing is that it becomes more sticky and messy when working with the dust of candy canes.

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Remove the top of the ornament and set aside. Peel open the Ziploc, then fold a piece of paper in half and fold its bottom end. Pour all crushed candy canes into your paper bag and use it to guide the candy into your ornament. If you already have a funnel handy, you can use it for this step.

Pop the top back of the ornament on and customize its look to suit your style. Take a small piece of ribbon (red or green looks great) and glue it around the ornament’s lid. Then tie a jute twine into a nice bow.

DIY Intermediate

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Supplies: A strip of felt (the color is up to you), a brown strip of felt for tree’s bottom around 2 1/2 inches long to 1/2 inch wide, printable size guide, needle, embroidery or regular thread, glue gun, gold paint (to paint a top star ).

Felt Christmas Tree

Stack the pieces together. Start with the biggest piece and proceed to the teeny tiny one. You can either place the same colors together or mix and match, depending on the chosen colors. It’s more fun to play a bit with the colors. While you stack, stick the needle through the center of each piece until they are all strung.

Add glue to the brown piece of felt which is the base of the tree and wrap it around the thread. Remember to use more glue, after wrapping the felt, in order to secure it in place.

Squeeze glue to the first-star square and sandwich together with the second at the top of your Christmas tree, to create the star on it. Make sure to secure the end of the thread between both pieces. This secures the stack and creates the hanging loop as well. Offset the pieces from each other and arrange the felt. Hang your own masterpiece on the Christmas tree and simply admire their charm.

After its completion, the Christmas tree ornament will be 4.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. This final product is great for any Christmas holiday decor.

Sheet Music Star

If you already have a star ornament that is not used anymore, use it for this design. Start by tearing vintage book paper or sheet music into squares about 2-3 inches. The amount of needed paper depends on the size of your star.

Next is the decoupage – the process of cutting out paper, gluing onto the object, and then covering the object and paper with a coat of glue to protect. For this design, better work on one point of your star at a time

Brush on a layer of glue on the point of your Christmas star and layer it with a paper square. Brush another layer of craft glue on top as this smoothens the book paper in place. You can use your fingers to get it really smooth.

When your star is covered, just let it dry as the next step is glittering and it’s extremely important that the star completely dries. This way you’ll have total control of where the glitter sticks.

First glitter the edges of your star, then the ‘veins’. Add a thin glue line with a small paintbrush (one outer edge at a time) and sprinkle on top some glitter. Knock off the excess and move around the whole ornament, gluing and glittering as you go. Then let it completely dry. Repeat these steps to glitter the ‘veins’. Choose whether to glitter both sides or not.

Move on to personalizing the Christmas star and be as creative as you want. The crafter of this ornament chose to tie garland around the tip of the star and used a string of jute to tail on jingle bells. Also added to the top is a tiny shipping tag with ‘Merry and Bright’ stamp (tag’s edges also glitter). This will draw the most attention and will become your focal point.

Whether you are new to DIY projects or not, there are various designs that range in difficulty levels to try out. The most important of all is to get the family together and create Christmas tree ornaments that everyone will enjoy.

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