Everything You Must Know About Jewelry CAD Design

Jewelry Cad Design

CAD stands for computer-aided design. Artisans and jewelers don’t sketch on paper anymore. They do it using CAD software. This process provides them with a 2D or 3D model of the piece that looks alike. The dimensions of each aspect are recorded beautifully.

The finalized CAD files are easily distributed for jewelry prototyping.

It’s seen and heard that technology has transformed the landscape of every industry. For instance,  Jewelry Cad Design is the perfect example of this. Initially, there wasn’t any way for the old world artisan’s skills to be replaced. The sooner it got replaced with the computer-assisted design, the more real it felt. The jewelry design studios use computers in a mechanized world. It all felt absurd in the beginning. Then, everything started making sense when cad for jewelry design was initiated. The thought of mechanical designs never popped into anyone’s mind before this. But, now there’s a huge scope for the cad jewelry designers in the market. This fairytale did not replace the element of human interaction. The computer never replaced the jewelers. But, it became possible for the artisans to express themselves with a clear mind. Focus, clarity, and creativity took a new turn in the life of a jeweler. That’s how the whole story became interesting.

The elite team of jewelry designers went through a technological curve with the help of CAD. Now, you can find the industry immersed in endless possibilities. The CAD jewelry designs are intricate and popular globally. The jewelry themselves is cast, soldered, polished, gold, and platinum. The setters seat gemstones. There’s no creation of prototype models that are rendered as 3-dimensional designs. The jewelry structure uses a mouse and keyboard instead of spatulas, files, and wax pens. This is used to create their works. The work of the artisan requires artistic vision. This is paired with the understanding of jewelry fabrication processes. It’s paired with the knowledge of materials as well. The tools are different. They are versatile and depend on the type of design you need.

After creating by hand as wax carvings, CAD jewelry designs are made on computer screens. That’s done with the help of state-of-art technology. The works are then sent to mills. Digital files are made beautifully with these techniques. The growing machines, printers are transformed from data to a 3-D resin from wax.

The 3-Dimensional form is embedded with the plaster investment. This is placed in a furnace to incinerate the model. The investment with the negative impression is full of molten gold and platinum. This is done with vacuum casting to precious metals that are toiled and worked with skills. The finished CAD jewelry design is moved onto a diamond setting.

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