Places to Explore in Newport Coast

Newport Coast

Newport Coast is an amazing place that features an array of fabulous beaches, nature preserves, romantic restaurants and the choice of activities that will make your weekend a fun destination. 

Here are the most amazing things that you can do in Newport Beach – 

a). Balboa Peninsula:-

It’s a neighborhood in Newport Beach which is named after a Spanish explorer. It’s often called ‘The peninsula’ or ‘Balboa’. Being a neighborhood destination, there are many events and attractions that you’ll come across here. Then, there’s a three-mile stretch of land that’s bordered on one side of the harbor and the other side will take you to the sandy beaches of the Pacific ocean. It’s the most well-known landmark of the oldest standing building, you might call it. Apart from that, it’s a marine recreational facility as well. There are many other attractions here including – Newport pier, Dory fishing fleet, Balboa fun zone, Balboa pier, and others. It’s one of the major attractions with fascinating restaurants and bars and great nightlife. 

b). Corona Del Mar State Beach:

As a matter of fact, it’s a state park plus a beach which is operated by the city itself. It was established as the state park in the year 1947 and is most commonly referred to as Big Corona Beach. It covers 30 acres of land and is half a mile long protected beach popular for the swimmers and families. There are cliffs along the beach with the rocky jetty which is the main entrance to the Newport Harbor. Then, there are other activities called sunbathing, beach volleyball, surfing, scuba diving that might help you stay entertained all the time. There are many movies and television shows which are filmed on this beach.

c). Newport Pier Beach:

It’s a long pier that’s located on McFadden Place in Newport Beach. It was completed in the year 1888 and was originally known as  McFadden Wharf. It was named after the landowners James and Robert McFadden. It was initially used for shipping purposes but was sold out in the year 1902. Soon, the new owner began to change the area for residential and recreational purposes. It was soon found out that the old pier was destroyed by the hurricane in the year 1939 and it was built again on the same site in the year 1940. This beach is a great place to visit with family and kids. Presently, it’s a popular place for fishing, diving, walking, and spa. 

d). Spa at Newport beach:-

This is one such activity that you must not leave out. If you’re the one searching for, ‘Facial salon near me’, then this place is definitely going to be your ultimate satisfaction. Here at this beach, you’ll come across one of the best Newport beach spa services that are affordable and reliable. 

e). Orange County Museum of Art:

This beautiful museum is a collection of art of California from the ancient era and the early 20th century to the present one. It’s one of the topmost attractions for the visitors. It features new art media as well as installation, digital and video art. It’s a great place for art lovers. The exhibitions of modern and contemporary art are regularly mounted at the museum and with this, they host many events, lectures, and activities for children. The museum is well known for the educational outreach programs including film series and other concepts. 

f). Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve: –

This nature reserve is known as the ‘The black bay’ by the locals is a very large coastal estuary and wetland. It includes 1000 acres of land along with the largest coastal wetland areas of Southern California. The preserve is famous for bird watching and photography. It’s an essential stopover for many 35000 birds who are traveling from the Pacific Flyway to the north-south migration path which extends to Patagonia from Alaska. In addition to the bird watching, there are other popular activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, etc that you can go for. This is surely a great place for the kids. 

To put it bluntly, it’s time for you to go for some adventure activities at Newport Beach. You can take your friends, family or kids along for all the fun. Newport Coast is a fun place to be at. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up for an adventure. 

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