Eye Cream for Dark Circles | Eliminate Fine Line, Pigmentation and Wrinkles

Eye Cream for Dark Circles


Those of us who are obsessive with skincare are aware that sometimes we can go a bit overboard. Complex self-care routines that encompass everything from jade rolling and gua sha tools to dermaplaning have replaced the simple habits of the past. And it’s all right! An A+ is given to anything that makes you feel pampered, healthy, and confident.

But among the various products available, cream sometimes gets overlooked. You might be asking yourself, “Why to use eye creams when I already have a moisturiser?”

To resolve all your queries regarding the need and usage of eye cream, keep reading along..

How does eye cream work?

Have you ever noticed how your eyes feel weary the next day after a long night, thanks to bags, dark circles, and puffiness? Or that crow’s feet and tiny wrinkles under the eyes are among the earliest indications of ageing? That is not by chance. Compared to the rest of your face and body, the skin surrounding your eyes is more delicate. It is significantly thinner, has fewer oil glands to keep it hydrated, and is constantly vulnerable to micromovements and facial expressions. Consider how frequently you blink, grin, or laugh to get a sense of what that skin experiences.

What are common ingredients in an eye cream?

  • Caffeine
  • hyaluronic acid
  • Retinol
  • Squalane
  • aloe vera
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin B3
  • Peptides
  • and other ingredients present in eye creams.

What advantages does eye cream offer?

An eye cream can strengthen and protect the under-eye region, give skin a young glow, even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, and prepare skin for makeup.

How to Apply Eye Cream?

Fortunately, incorporating eye cream into your skincare regimen is easy:

  • Use a natural face wash to clean your face.
  • Use a toner.
  • Apply a few drops of your preferred serum to the skin and massage.
  • Use your ring or middle finger to gently tap or massage a pea-sized dollop of natural eye cream into the region beneath your eyes. Avoid your bottom eyelashes and work your way out from the innermost corner.
  • Moisturize that lovely face.

You can do a few things to make the most of your eye cream. Always use organic skincare products from thinnest to thickest.

Who requires eye cream?

Anyone who regularly struggles with indications of ageing, including dark circles, puffiness, fatigued or slack skin, environmental stressors, or both.

In addition, anyone who is worried about their under-eye region or who has noticed changes in the under-eye area is an excellent candidate for an eye cream.

Do Eye Creams Really Work?

An eye cream might not be the best choice if you are losing volume as a result of ageing. Setting realistic expectations for what an under-eye cream may do is crucial since there are situations in which surgical, micro-needling, radio-frequency, laser, filler, or PRP procedures may be required.

Are there risks to using eye cream?

Like with any skincare product, you might not like all of the ingredients. Natural eye creams without artificial perfumes or chemicals are less prone to irritate the skin. Before usage, always review the ingredient lists and perform a patch test.

The Key Takeaway

If you have specific under-eye problems that you’d like to address, using eye cream as part of your skincare routine is useful. However, there are other situations where that is simply insufficient due to issues that may not be reversed, such as volume reduction. You can definitely use your go-to moisturiser if you want to hydrate the eye area but don’t have dark circles, puffiness, or wrinkles. Just be careful not to use anything that can irritate, such as retinal or exfoliating acids.

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