6 variable features in a soccer cleat

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The three most essential points in any soccer cleat include touch, fit, and traction. Before shopping for any, make sure that the must-haves are abundant. If possible, ensure that all of the three are present. If you take advice from any soccer expert, he will always recommend you to try them out first. It means that if you choose an online method, make sure their return policy is excellent.

A pair of soccer cleats too big for your feet pose a risk of injury. On the other hand, if they are too tight, the pad will exert some extra pressure on a few parts of your feet, resulting in pain. Try and avoid both these situations. So how do you choose the perfect size?

How to ensure perfect soccer cleats?

It’s a huge issue many people are still struggling with. Although some brands like New Balance soccer cleats have found their way in the market, some vendors sell the replicas. Beware of these features if you want only want the original ones.

Extension of the ankle

● High-cut collars

These soccer cleats are extended above the ankle bone for better safety and touch. But, the flip side is that they restrict the movement of ankles and hence are not in trend nowadays.

● Mid-cut collars

These soccer cleats end just below the ankle bone. The restriction of ankle movement is it still there but not as much as the high-cut collar types.

● Low-cut collars

Low-cut collars are relatively more below the ankle bone. These were made to eliminate the restrictions posed by the above two types. These are the most popular types nowadays because of the hunger for better skill portrayal on the field. With good material offered by New Balance cleats offer a good overall package.

Length and width of the soccer cleats

The size and shape of every foot are different. It’s not only about how the length of the cleats but also how wide feet they can accommodate. It’s always recommended to choose wider cleats over the ordinary ones because they help in prolonged physical exertion without any extra pressure. New balance wide soccer cleats have been on the market and attracting quite a lot of popularity. The sole reason is the comfort and durability they have in store.

Not to mention, the length of soccer cleats also matters. The conventional size is usually the perfect fit. Always look for combined length and width of soccer cleats to nail your performance on the field.

The manufacturer material

The feature that impacts your performance the most is the material with which the shoes are made. Don’t be under a myth that soccer cleats are made of just one kind of leather/cloth. The leather is also of different types as mentioned below.

● Calfskin leather

It offers the utmost player protection when he is struggling for the ball. It is more durable because of being a little harder than any other type. It takes some time for the player to get used to that hardness but once it’s done, the gradual softness makes you feel more at home.

● Kangaroo leather

This kind of leather is mostly used on the top-level soccer cleats. It’s because the material is exceptionally soft and offers ample protection with a padded external. These cleats require precise maintenance for prolonged durability.

● Hand knitted fabric

It’s one of the most popular material choices because the hand-knitted fabric can accommodate a wide range of feet. Almost every reputed brand, including Adidas, New Balance, Concave, and Puma, has bought a variety of hand-knitted soccer cleats. The only downside is that hand-knitted soccer cleats can attract some water and dust seeping into it. It can also hamper the durability.

● Synthetic

Synthetic materials are lightweight and are far from leather or hand-knitted types. To break in these cleats, players have to get used to the extremely closed fit. Synthetic cleats keep the water and dust away and can sustain for long in any weather condition.

Laced and laceless soccer cleats

Out of these two, the laced soccer cleats are the most common. Laces offer better control over the ball and provide a tighter fit even if the cleats are loose by a margin. Laceless soccer cleats offer better accuracy because laces do not come in the way of your kicking.

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