Historical Figures Born on March 28: Their Impact on the World

Historical Figures Born on March 28: Their Impact on the World



Every day of the year is special for someone, but March 28th has a unique significance as it marks the birth of several remarkable individuals who have left their indelible mark on the world. From legendary actors to influential leaders, and innovative scientists to celebrated artists, March 28th has witnessed the birth of many famous personalities who have contributed significantly to their respective fields. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most notable personalities born on March 28th from around the world, including Indian celebrities, and explore their contributions and legacies.

Vincent van Gogh (1853)

March 28th, 1853, was the day the world welcomed one of the most influential and celebrated post-impressionist painters, Vincent van Gogh. Known for his emotionally charged and vibrant works of art, Van Gogh’s paintings, including “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers,” have left an enduring impact on the world of art. Despite his struggles with mental health, his legacy continues to inspire artists and art enthusiasts worldwide.

Augustus (63 BC)

Born on March 28, 63 BC, Gaius Octavius Thurinus, who later became known as Augustus, was the first Roman emperor and the founder of the Roman Empire. His reign marked a period of relative peace and stability known as the Pax Romana, and his influence on the Roman political system still resonates today.

Lady Gaga (1986)

One of the most iconic pop stars of the 21st century, Lady Gaga, was born on March 28, 1986. Known for her boundary-pushing music, striking fashion sense, and powerful stage presence, Lady Gaga has won numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards. Her impact on the music industry is undeniable, and she continues to be a source of inspiration for many aspiring artists.

Reba McEntire (1955)

March 28th also marks the birthday of Reba McEntire, a country music legend. Born in 1955, McEntire is renowned for her powerful vocals, numerous chart-topping hits, and her success in both music and acting. She has won multiple Grammy Awards and is regarded as one of the most influential female country artists of all time.

Princess Eugenie of York (1990)

On March 28, 1990, Princess Eugenie of York, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York, was born. While her royal status has put her in the public eye, Princess Eugenie has also been involved in various charitable and philanthropic endeavors, working to make a positive impact in the world.

Amaury Nolasco (1970)

Amaury Nolasco, a Dominican-American actor best known for his role as Fernando Sucre in the hit television series “Prison Break,” was born on March 28, 1970. Nolasco’s acting career has included a wide range of roles, demonstrating his versatility and talent in the entertainment industry.

Nasser Hussain (1968)

Cricket enthusiasts around the world are familiar with the name Nasser Hussain. Born on March 28, 1968, he is a former English cricketer who captained the England national cricket team. Hussain was known for his leadership on the field and played a significant role in the development of English cricket.

Indian Celebrities Born on March 28

India, known for its rich and diverse culture, has also given birth to some notable personalities on March 28. Let’s take a look at a few Indian celebrities who share their birthday with these global luminaries.

a. Lara Dutta (1978)

Lara Dutta, an Indian actress and former Miss Universe, was born on March 28, 1978. She has appeared in numerous Bollywood films and has earned critical acclaim for her performances. Her beauty, grace, and talent have made her a beloved figure in the Indian film industry.

b. Akshaya Deodhar (1991)

Akshaya Deodhar, a Marathi television actress, was born on March 28, 1991. She is known for her roles in Marathi TV shows and has garnered a significant fan following for her acting skills.

c. Kishori Shahane (1968)

Kishori Shahane, an accomplished Indian actress, director, and producer, shares her birthday with several other notable personalities on March 28. Her contributions to Indian cinema and television have been widely recognized, making her a respected figure in the entertainment industry.


March 28th is a day that has seen the birth of some of the world’s most influential and remarkable personalities. From the world of art to music, from politics to sports, and from the big screen to the cricket pitch, these individuals have left their mark on history and continue to inspire and influence new generations.

Whether it’s the passionate and emotional art of Vincent van Gogh, the groundbreaking music of Lady Gaga, the Roman Empire legacy of Augustus, or the leadership of Nasser Hussain in cricket, March 28th is a day that connects us to a tapestry of achievements and contributions that have shaped our world.

Indian celebrities like Lara Dutta, Akshaya Deodhar, and Kishori Shahane, born on the same day, also remind us of the diverse and vibrant cultural landscape of India, contributing to the country’s rich entertainment industry.

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