How Dating Sites Help in Finding Perfect Partner?

Finding Perfect Partner

We know that more and more singles are seeking romantic partners through online dating sites now-a-days. These online dating sites are getting high success rate which implies that it has become the most preferred and effective method of dating.It has been found that marriages that happen between people meeting online have a low divorce rate. This might be because they are giving people chance to know and understand each other well. So if you’re looking for beautiful Asian women, go for Asian dating sites. Let’s see how these dating sites actually help us in finding a perfect partner. You can take it as the tips for online dating.

  • Creating a Wishlist

First of all you need to develop a strategy. Be clear in your mind regarding what you are looking for. Make yourself as specific as possible while creating your wish list. For example-instead of saying that you are looking for ‘someone who want kids’, become more specific and say ‘someone who wants two kids’ about three years apart. You can mention that if pregnancy becomes a problem then your partner should be willing to go through fertility treatments with you. Define in clear terms what you want.

  • Build your score

After creating a wishlist, prioritize the traits you have mentioned. You write about the various traits you’re looking for in a partner. You can think of the characteristics in the context of previous relationships, your friends and family. It’ll be better if you develop a scoring system. Give points to the top 10 traits you have mentioned and give fewer points to the second set of 10-15 characteristics. Now decide on the lowest number of points at which you’ll become ready to go out on a date with someone.

  • Look for different online dating sites

Instead of going for only one site you can use two or more sites at a time. Some sites like Tinder are not for those who are looking for long-term relationships. Whereas there are some very good Asian dating sites like eHarmony Asian dating, TrulyAsian etc. You can look through the profiles of beautiful Asian women on these sites. Remember some sites can be expensive and you also want most of the features activated. So look accordingly. Plus never forget that there’s always a chance that you encounter a fake person so be careful regarding judging the person.

  • Keep the profile short

It’s better if you make a profile which is crisp and intriguing. Shorter profiles are more popular.

  • Creating a curiosity gap

When you offer just enough information in order to keep the curiosity level high, you’re actually creating a ‘curiosity gap’. When we first meet a person we don’t disclose everything. Similarly when you are describing yourself in your profiles just do it in about 97 fascinating words.

  • Never try to be funny

Most of the people don’t go well with being funny at all at least when they are reading a profile. So after you have completed writing your profile read it to yourself.

  • Mention your interests specifically

Don’t write what people want to hear. Clearly mention your hobbies and interests which you actually enjoy.

  • Using optimistic language

Always try to use words that are positive as it will make profile more popular. Write about what excites you, describe the picture of a fascinating day you really want to be a part of in your life.

  • Put up recent flattering photos

Use natural looking photos. Avoid reusing your old photos or copying it from your profile in some other dating site.


At the crux, the dating sites aren’t doing something extraordinarily mysterious. They are simply creating taxonomies and matching users based on their answers. Sometimes they take note of the users’ answers and their behaviors. Take for example; you mentioned that you’ll prefer a middle-heighted man with dark hairs who is religious. But you’re clicking on the profiles of taller people who are atheists. In this case the algorithm will try to match you according to your behavior. But if you’re clicking on all the profiles, those also which doesn’t match your preferences then algorithm is not going to work. Therefore, treat these online dating sites as giant databases for you to explore.

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