How to Optimise your Amazon Marketing Strategy

How to Optimise your Amazon Marketing Strategy


Your Amazon marketing strategy is your roadmap or cheat sheet that will guide you through many of your business decisions. An effective marketing strategy will align with your objectives and goals and help you connect with your target audience. 


Without an Amazon marketing strategy, you are more likely to lose business to competitors, lose market share to new and existing competitors, and have difficulty gaining and retaining customers. Let’s look at four approaches you could bring to your Amazon marketing strategy.




Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps customers to find your products when they use keywords to search for them. An Amazon marketing agency such as Nuoptima ensures your products are well-described so that Amazon’s search engine gives them a priority. By appearing in the top search results, you will be able to attract more traffic and sales.




Keywords and phrases can be associated with your products to enhance discoverability. These can also be included in titles to boost sales and increase the clickthrough rate.



A clear description can set you apart from your competitors. An Amazon management agency uses the most effective techniques to highlight the important features of your product and increase conversions.




When it comes to images, Amazon has a strict image policy. They need to be clear and convey useful information about the product while being attractive and easy to understand.


Customer Questions and Answers


Including a Q&A section is a great way to provide your customers with more information about your product and address frequently asked questions.




Once you have optimised your products with SEO, advertising will help people to find your products. An Amazon marketing agency can create compelling ad copy so that if you choose to include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in your Amazon marketing strategy, you can ensure that your ads will reach the most relevant shoppers and generate sales. There are numerous ad types to choose from:


  • Sponsored brands: These appear in relevant search results and can grow your brand awareness;
  • Sponsored products: These are the most commonly used ad type on Amazon and help your products to appear in a customer’s search;
  • Sponsored display: These ads appear on the Amazon home page, results pages, product detail pages, and websites and apps that aren’t owned by Amazon.


Customer reviews


Encouraging customers to review your products can be hard work, but it is definitely worthwhile as 80% of us rely on other people’s advice when making a purchase decision. On Amazon, customers are able to share star ratings, reviews, images, and videos. They are also able to interact in the “Customer questions & answers” section that can be found below a product listing. Since anyone can respond to the questions, an Amazon marketing agency can help you to dominate this section with answers that convert hesitant customers into committed shoppers.


How can I get customer reviews? 


You can get customer reviews by using the “Request a Review” tool, signing up for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, joining Amazon Vine, or encouraging your followers on social media platforms to write a review on Amazon.




Through the Amazon affiliate program, you can advertise products from Amazon on your own website. When a sale is made as a result of someone clicking on these links, you earn a commission. An Amazon marketing agency like Nuoptima can optimise your website to ensure peak performance and attract more visitors.


Final thoughts


While offering superior or unique products can help you to stand out from your competitors, it won’t make any difference if people can’t find them in the marketplace. Having an Amazon marketing strategy can help you to scale your business, promote rapid growth and gain market share. This can be made all the easier by using an Amazon marketing agency that uses its expertise to attract organic traffic.

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