Clear Aligners 101: Know How to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

Clear Aligners 101: Know How to Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

Did you recently visit your orthodontist? If yes, your tooth-pics (pun intended) must have shown some misalignment that hampers your pretty smile. Fret does not cause’ clear aligners are here to the rescue. Your worries end right here, right now with clear aligners that are painless and easy to use. 

Many people have started choosing the invisible braces as it does more than it shows! From being comfy and clear to efficient and easy, the benefits are numerous and caters to your teeth alignment needs perfectly. Moreover, if you choose the right smile makeover service provider, you will find invisible braces’ cost is way less than what you’d expect so it’s a win-win.

Clear aligners or invisible braces are like a replica of your teeth, and they work by moving them little by little. So, the added benefit alongside the invisible braces’ cost is its efficacy as against traditional metal braces, which are uncomfortable and outdated. 

How Does It Work?

To be honest, invisible braces work like magic. If you have to be thankful for something, thank the technological advancements made in this field to provide you with a dream-like smile that has totally redefined smile transformations today. The mammoth task of taking out traditional metal braces and caring for them is a thing of the past and we’re glad it’s over. 

Know how the invisible braces work their way to reposition your teeth into a perfect jaw structure:

Step 1: 3D Scan

Smile makeover service provider takes out a 3D scan of your teeth to look at the alignment problems and develop a diagnosis for it. It helps the orthodontist to figure out where the ‘root’ cause of the problem lies.

Step 2: Action Plan

With the digital scan of the teeth, the orthodontist can then prepare your teeth straightening plan. This includes developing a blueprint of your smile makeover journey, which helps design the transparent braces according to your particular needs such as which tooth needs to move and in what series should they align. 

Step 3: Treatment

Once your invisible braces are devised, you wear them for a set period of time. These plastic invisible braces put gentle pressure on your teeth so as to enable a smooth repositioning as the end goal is a healthy bite i.e., ideal motion of the top and bottom teeth that fit together perfectly. 

Step 4: Progress Check

The transparent aligners are changed periodically as per your needs and the plan devised by your orthodontist. After successful completion, your teeth are ideally placed, and you can stop wearing them as opposed to retainers worn by people after metal braces treatment.

Step 5: Smile All You Want

As your treatment comes to an end, you are free as a bird and can get rid of the invisible braces. The comfort and ease of wearing them work wonders for your teeth and surprisingly, you’re not drowning in a debt as you can avail of an economical invisible braces’ cost.

In these 5 simple steps, you get a celeb-like smile. However, choosing the right smile makeover service provider is crucial. You should go for A-listers like toothsi, as they have a team of expert orthodontists and offer at-home services, video consultation, free scans and vast range of products. One would expect the braces cost in India to be high, but with toothsi you get the option of easy EMI pays. Their aligners are flexible, BP free and tasteless, what else could we ask for? Book your free scan today!

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