Moving Abroad? The Essential Guide to Begin your Journey

Moving Abroad? The Essential Guide to Begin your Journey

Moving your family to a new country is a huge logistical, emotional, and financial challenge. There are so many things to consider when moving your life abroad, jobs, schools, stability, distance from your friends and family. How can you make the process as streamlined and easy as possible while covering yourselves and making sure nobody is too stressed or upset? We’re going to run through the essential steps to ensure that your family’s transition to a new life is as painless as possible.

Get Yourselves Insured

You’re well aware of how your native medical system operates and how you can use it, but that may not be the case for another country and culture. The last thing you need is to be kept awake at night wondering what may happen if one of your family falls ill or has an accident. In fact, for some countries, proving you have adequate health insurance is part of the visa process, so this step is absolutely essential!

There are many factors to consider when looking into health insurance abroad. So make sure you go for an all-encompassing, trusted, and verified provider who will cover your whole family for any eventuality. You can get yourself a free quote and find the deal that’s best for you. Some of the very best providers offer 24-hour helplines in case anything happens, so help is only ever a phone call away. Don’t leave anything to chance, get covered before you move.

Preparing your Children for the Move

Moving your family to a new country is going to hit your children the hardest. While you may be excited by the new opportunities the move can bring, your children are likely to focus on the losses of friends and familiarity. While each family is different, no matter the child, it will likely be a difficult time for them.

You can prepare your children for the move by getting them excited about the new environment. Sit down with them and talk about all of the new things they’re going to see in their new home country. Will the weather be better? Will the scenery be more dramatic?

You could even set up an international pen pal in your new home country. This will allow the children to get to know other kids their age in your new home before you get there, which could eliminate some of their anxieties!

Finding your Dream Job

Many people move abroad due to a transfer or new job opportunity, but if you’re moving for any other reason, the climate, the lifestyle, or the money, then you could be in an overseas job search!

There are many job search websites that focus specifically on jobs overseas. These can really help you to see what’s available and what kind of jobs are in demand. You can work on your resume from there. Do your research into the local work cultures to see what employers often value. The chances are your resume for jobs at home won’t quite fly in your new destination! 

Finding your New Home

Finding a new place to call home is a scary prospect! You need to do your research and find out which exact location would suit you best. You can determine your new home-town based on culture, size, weather, amenities, and surroundings. There are so many things to consider! 

This is why we recommend renting when your first arrive. This will allow you to move easily and try out the new areas around you! There are many specialist property sites dedicated to finding a home abroad, so check out all your options and see if anywhere calls your name!

Make your New House a Home

Once you’ve found a place, the next danger is that you won’t feel at home there. Homesickness is one of the most common reasons that families move back to their home countries within a year of emigrating. A great way to combat this is to ensure that your new house has all of the comforts and familiarities of your old one. 

Get your possessions professionally transported overseas using a trusted logistics company. This will allow you to settle in faster and hit the ground running. It also means that you won’t have to buy all new furniture and appliances as soon as you arrive, which can add a massive strain to the burden of moving. 

Moving to a new country is never going to be easy. It will always be a huge lifestyle change and a massive, scary adventure! The most important thing is to make it as easy as possible. By following these steps, you should be able to settle your whole family into your new lives far more easily, which will allow you to get out and explore. If you prepare yourselves and take the necessary precautions, you just might fall in love with your new home overseas.

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