4 Best Omega Watches In The Market For 2021

4 Best Omega Watches In The Market For 2021

This new year, you should start collecting a new batch of iconic watches and choose from the brands that have made their name in the market. One of these brands is the famous Omega Watches. The company is in the industry for quite a while, and they have proven to the world about their high-quality collection of wristwatches.

All of their watches are tested and proven to survive in any extreme conditions and weather because of their excellent accuracy and precision. Omega has four different collections of watches that can blend easily with your personality. Below is one of the latest collections of Omega Watches under different series.

1.     Omega Speedmaster – Panda Dial Tokyo Olympics

Professional watchmakers build the Omega Speedmaster model, 522., also known as the Panda dial for Tokyo Olympics for men. The watch has an elegant and luxurious design that is perfect for any occasion, whether casual or formal. Besides that, this timepiece is an ideal pair for light sports activities.

The watch has a pearl white dial with luminescence indexes in silver-tone. This Speedmaster watch has three dials in black-tone indicating its hour, minute, and seconds with a silver-tone hour and minute marker. Its dial is surrounded by a black bezel, which complements its white dial.

It has a stainless steel case with a round solid back measuring 42 mm with an Omega caliber of 1861 and a 48-hour reserve. The whole bracelet and buckle of this timepiece are made of stainless steel material. Besides being a luxury watch, it has water-resistant by 50 meters.

2.     Omega Seamaster Nekton edition

This Seamaster watch of Omega under model is created perfectly for men who work their life at sea and for men who love to go on diving activities. This timepiece has a luxury approach making it a good pair for formal and casual events aside from its sporty side.

It has a black dial with round and rectangular shapes of hour markers in silver-tone. The watch’s hour hand is made of silver-tone, and its minute hand is made of red, both of them having a luminous effect making it visible in the dark. The watch has a stainless-steel body and bracelet with a movement caliber of Omega 8806 and a 55-hour reserve.

What makes this watch suitable for diving is its water-resistant feature that could survive under 300 meters sea level.

3.     Omega De Ville Hour Vision Co-Axial

This Omega watch under model 431. is one of the latest collections under the De Ville series for men. The timepiece has an elegant and vintage look making it a perfect pair for any office attire, casual and formal one. This design is minimalist, a great pair for any person who loves a minimalistic approach.

This wristwatch has a black-tone dial with a brushed finish with two subdials located at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. The watch’s roman numeral indexes are made of stainless steel with silver-tone color, the same with its hour and minute markers. The case of this model is made of stainless steel material in a round shape measuring 42 mm.

The caliber used for its movement is Omega 9300 with a 60-hour reserve. The watch’s whole bracelet connecting its case and the stainless buckle is made of premium black leather material. Besides its elegant look, this watch is also a good pair of accessories for outdoor activities because of its water-resistant feature.

4.     Omega Constellation For The Ladies

Omega doesn’t only limit their collection to men. They also create beautiful and stunning designs of watches for the ladies. One of the best examples of this is the 1267.10 V0Z12LZ9 model crafted with perfection for all the strong and fierce women out there. The watch is the perfect pair for any formal and casual occasion.

This timepiece has a rose gold-tone dial with an elegant touch of silver-tone hour markers and hand markers. Its beautiful dial is surrounded with small cuts of diamond stones in white color, making them look more luxurious than ever. Its case and bracelet are made of high-quality white gold-tone with a little touch of rose-gold for a more sophisticated look.

In A Nutshell

When it comes to your collection, you always make sure that those watches you will purchase will make a good investment in the future. You should always go with the top brands to get one of the market’s high-quality timepieces, especially the Omega watches.

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