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Reasons to Buy Car Insurance from Insurance Provider

Reasons to Buy Car Insurance from Insurance Provider

Auto insurance policies are one of the most important insurance policies. Car insurance policies are as important as the car itself. The roads are far from being safe. There are over 6 million passenger car accidents on the roads of the US every year. What’s worse is that this number is expected to rise in 2022. All these statistics make getting auto insurance coverage even more important.


But when it comes to buying auto insurance coverage, buyers need to make the right choice not only in choosing the suitable car insurance policy but from where they’re getting it. Getting a vehicle insurance policy from an insurance provider is necessary for many reasons, and this article will describe in detail the reasons why you should buy car insurance from an insurance provider.


Dealerships are Stealerships 


Here’s something you should know; never get car insurance policies through car dealerships. While buying a new car from a dealership, many people spend extra dollars to get a car insurance policy from the dealership. It saves them time, the salesperson is very sweet and convincing, and since you are already making a big payment, a few more dollars seem insignificant. 


But at whatever rates the dealership is selling the auto insurance policies, you can get a much better deal if you buy it from insurance providers directly. There’s a reason why dealerships are also called “stealerships” when it comes to auto insurance policies. They take a huge commission by selling you policies. 


So you pay more but the extra money is not for better car insurance coverage, rather it goes to the dealerships in commissions. Here’s the rule; never buy car insurance from dealerships, no matter how much they convince you.


Get Better Coverage Options


The great thing about buying auto insurance coverage from insurance providers is that you can select all the coverage options without companies upselling you policies you don’t need.


Liability coverage is mandatory in almost every state in the US (except Virginia and New Hampshire). So there’s no question of skipping this coverage. Plus, if you live in any of the 12 “no-fault” states, you have to get a personal injury protection plan as well. But what about the other optional coverage? 


Let’s say you have a very old car, and it is much more expensive to get collision coverage for it and pay regular insurance premiums than to pay for the repairs (if needed) from your pockets. So you can skip collision coverage for it. It’s all about having a choice.


The same goes for comprehensive coverage. If you park your car in a safe, covered garage, what are the chances of your car getting damaged due to a hailstorm, fire, or riots? The chances are there, but they are very slim. Slim enough to make you skip paying hundreds of dollars in comprehensive coverage. 


Getting car insurance coverage allows you to select policies that you need, instead of getting everything in a package. This helps you save more, spend less, and get precise coverage. Isn’t that something everyone wants? 


You Get to Compare Options


The best advantage of getting car insurance policies from insurance providers is that you get to choose which company you want to go with. There are no tie-ins, or restrictions when it comes to your choice. All you have to do is look for the most affordable car insurance company with the best coverage option for you, and buy the policy. 


For example, if you live in Texas, then choosing the best car insurance in Texas is only a few clicks away. Just look for different auto insurance companies, give your basic details, get a quote, and then select the best one based on your requirements.


When choosing the insurance company, there are a few things you need to look out for. Firstly, how is their track record in claim processing, and customer service? Look for reviews, and see which company has the most positive reviews from real people. 


Secondly, it is better to go with a car insurance company that offers multiple policies and add-ons such as roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, etc. You never know when you’d need to get roadside assistance, So it’s better to have the option.


Remember, it is not about the cheapest car insurance company, but the company that sells you an auto insurance policy at the best price-to-feature ratio. That’s how you make a smart and right purchase.


Better Transparency 


Having transparency in anything you’ve invested thousands of dollars in is very important. You should be able to reach the customer service representatives easily, there should be an easy way to find out about your premium dues, insurance claims history, and other details. 


The insurance claim process should also be quicker, easier, and hassle-free. This means that if you get in a car accident, the process of making a claim should not require you to visit the insurance office multiple times, just to find out that your claim will be processed in two to three weeks. Choose the insurance provider that is the fastest when it comes to processing insurance claims. 


Lower Restrictions 


Choosing a car insurance provider of your choice also ensures that there are minimal restrictions. Some auto insurance companies require you to only use third-party spares instead of OEM parts, or they do not allow you to repair your vehicle from a mechanic shop to your liking. 


All these restrictions can be avoided if you know about the company you’re choosing and clear all the terms and conditions before buying the policy. Doing this would lead to a much better experience. 

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