The Tragic Case of Shanquella Robinson’s Death in Mexico: A Quest for Justice

The Tragic Case of Shanquella Robinson's Death in Mexico: A Quest for Justice


A Tragic Loss: Shanquella Robinson’s Untimely Demise in Mexico

Shanquella Robinson’s trip to Mexico, which was supposed to be filled with joy and adventure, ended in tragedy. The events leading up to her untimely death have left her family and friends devastated. In this article, we delve into the heartbreaking details of her final moments and the search for justice.

Arrival in Mexico: A Phone Call with Promising Words

On October 28, 2022, Shanquella Robinson arrived in Mexico, excited about her vacation with a group of friends from her hometown. She immediately called her mother, Sallamondra Robinson, to assure her that they had safely reached the luxurious villa where they were staying.

Sallamondra recalls the conversation, stating, “She said they were all having a good time, and I told her I’d talk to her tomorrow.” Little did she know, those would be the last words exchanged between a mother and her beloved daughter.

The Devastating Phone Calls

The following day, Sallamondra received a call from Khalil Cooke, one of Shanquella’s friends who had accompanied her on the trip. Khalil delivered the shocking news that Shanquella had succumbed to alcohol poisoning and required immediate medical attention. Just four hours later, another call shattered their hopes entirely — Shanquella was no more.

The news struck Sallamondra like a bolt of lightning. The fact that she couldn’t be by her daughter’s side during her final moments made the pain all the more unbearable. “It made me sick to the stomach,” Sallamondra expressed with deep sorrow.

Remembering Shanquella: A Kind Soul

Sallamondra fondly remembers her youngest daughter as someone with an exceptionally kind heart and a loving nature. “She’d give you the shirt off her back,” she reminisces. Shanquella was never one to cause harm or indulge in drama. She possessed a spirit filled with compassion and generosity.

The Pursuit of Justice: A Case of Femicide

Following the emergence of a video depicting Shanquella’s assault, Mexican authorities initiated an investigation into her death, ultimately classifying it as a case of femicide. The Robinson family’s attorneys wrote a letter to President Biden and Antony Blinken, urging the pursuit of criminal charges against those responsible for Shanquella’s tragic fate.

In the letter, the attorneys included Shanquella’s autopsy report, conducted in Mexico a day after her demise. The findings revealed that she suffered from “atlas and medullary dislocation,” a severe spinal injury, as the cause of death. The manner of death was listed as violent.

The autopsy report further highlighted additional injuries on Shanquella’s body, including contusions to the frontal region of her head, both hip bones, and a friction burn on her left ankle.

Mexican authorities have identified one of Shanquella’s travel companions as the woman seen assaulting her in the video. Consequently, an arrest warrant has been issued for her.

The Fight for Justice: Disappointing Decisions

Despite the evidence presented in Mexico, the United States Department of Justice announced on April 12 that they would not pursue charges related to Shanquella’s death.

According to a press release by the department, an autopsy conducted in North Carolina did not reveal a spinal injury like the one indicated in the Mexican autopsy report. Moreover, the cause of death from the U.S. autopsy remains undetermined.

The announcement left the Robinson family and their attorney, Sue-Ann Robinson (no relation), disappointed yet resolute. Sue-Ann expressed during a press conference that the decision was not unexpected, highlighting the historical struggle for justice faced by Black and Brown individuals. She drew parallels to the George Floyd case, emphasizing the importance of persevering in their pursuit of justice.

Seeking Answers: Rallying for Justice

Sue-Ann stressed the lack of seriousness given to Shanquella’s case from the beginning, which has led to discrepancies in the investigation. Faced with more questions than answers, she pledged her unwavering support to the Robinson family.

Mario Black, Founder of Million Youth March of Charlotte and a community activist, echoed the sentiment, stating that the healing process for Shanquella’s family cannot begin until justice is served.

The Robinson family, together with their supporters, plans to rally in Washington D.C. on May 19, continuing their fight for justice and the pursuit of criminal charges in the United States.

Sue-Ann conveyed a powerful message, asserting that the government should not allow criminals to escape justice by seeking refuge within the country. “Shanquella was a person,” Sue-Ann passionately stated. “She braided kids’ hair. She was educated. And she’s a missed, loved sister, and daughter.”

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As the family and their dedicated legal team continue their fight for justice, Shanquella’s memory lives on. Let us hope that their relentless pursuit brings about the justice they seek and acts as a catalyst for change.

FAQs: The Tragic Case of Shanquella Robinson’s Death in Mexico

What happened to Shanquella Robinson in Mexico?

Shanquella Robinson tragically lost her life during a vacation in Mexico. The circumstances surrounding her death have raised concerns and prompted investigations.

What is femicide?

Femicide refers to the act of murdering a person based on their gender, particularly targeting women. In Shanquella’s case, her death has been classified as a gender-based murder and a hate crime.

Are there any suspects in Shanquella’s case?

Mexican authorities have identified one of Shanquella’s travel companions as the person seen assaulting her in a video. An arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect.

What were the findings of Shanquella’s autopsies?

According to the Mexican autopsy report, Shanquella’s cause of death was listed as “atlas and medullary dislocation,” which indicates a broken neck and spine. Additional injuries, such as contusions and a friction burn, were also documented. However, the U.S. autopsy conducted later did not show a spinal injury and the cause of death remains undetermined.

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