Star Ocean: The Divine Drive: Release day, trailers, much more

Aside from previous-school JRPG fans, the point out of Star Ocean may possibly not imply significantly. The series has always been two or 3 measures down in level of popularity from the likes of Remaining Fantasy or even Dragon Quest, but those people who have dug into this a bit much more obscure sequence are fast to sing its praises. To start with established in 1996, the Star Ocean online games have appear at an irregular tempo, with only five overall online games in the mainline series launched so significantly, the most up-to-date being Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness in 2016. That game, and the prior entry, had been not all that very well-obtained, leaving admirers doubtful about this smaller franchise’s future.

Sony’s October 2021 Condition of Perform celebration was not entire of lots of large surprises, but the announcement of Star Ocean: The Divine Force was one particular that intended a great deal to fans of the sequence and also has built enthusiasts of JRPGs in basic curious about this odd video game that mixes fantasy factors into a sci-fi-impressed universe. The trailer we got was only a short two and a half minutes, but more info has been trickling out. If you had been intrigued by this exceptional-wanting JRPG from the masters of the genre, Sq. Enix, here’s all the things we know about Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

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Launch date

Star Ocean: The Divine Pressure has been provided the release day of October 27, 2022.


Raymond leaning over a crew member.

Whilst the trailer made for Sony’s State of Engage in event only listed Star Ocean: The Divine Power as coming to PlayStation 4 and PS5, it will also be coming to Xbox A single, Xbox Series X, and S, as effectively as Computer system. It will strike each platform day and day, so there’s no platform exclusivity, timed or or else. Of course, we count on the existing-technology variations to have advantages more than the preceding kinds, but for now, we never know what individuals variances will be. Graphics, load times, and frame charges are the typical suspects, on the other hand.


Just like the Remaining Fantasy collection, each new Star Ocean video game is a standalone working experience. The story and figures are all new here, so there’s no want to have performed any of the prior games in the collection to enjoy Star Ocean: The Divine Power.

The trailer commences with a crew traveling by means of house as their ship’s warning alarm blares. They’re forced to abandon ship thanks to an incoming attack, where by we minimize to a sweeping shot of a lush world with giant clear spheres in the sky. We get to see some glimpses of one of the protagonists working via the globe with a floating robot companion that lets him to sprint and glide via the air.

As some gameplay and action participate in out, the text reads, “When our two heroes cross paths the fate of the universe awakens.” From there, we get brief traces from a lot more characters, shots of extra environments, such as a majestic, castle-like city, and some large enemies that are each wonderful, this kind of as dragons, and futuristic, like a flame-spewing robot.

Overall, this trailer had little compound in phrases of tale or people, but exterior sources have sprouted up with considerably a lot more facts. Just like in Star Ocean: The Next Story, Star Ocean: The Divine Power will use the dual-protagonist method. Our two sales opportunities in this activity, who we noticed in the trailer, are named Raymond and Laeticia. Raymond is the captain of the ship we saw in the trailer, named the Ydas, and hails from a extra technologically superior civilization. On the other hand, Laeticia is a princess as properly as a knight from the world the crew finds by themselves on, which is however early on in producing systems.

Raymond is in-depth as staying from a earth not associated with the federation, referred to as Verguld. He captains the Ydas for his family’s company named Lawrence Logistics and cares deeply for his crew.

Laeticia is the princess of Aucerius on the planet Aster IV. She is admired by just about anyone in her kingdom, yet hides her battle means. When a rival nation threatens her very own, she embarks on a key mission to locate an unnamed ally to aid, at some point crossing paths with Raymond, who has become stranded on her planet.

The game’s narrative, which include which characters will be provided, will change depending on which of these two protagonists you enjoy as and what decisions you make through the tale. The match is built to persuade you to enjoy as a result of the sport twice, as soon as from each individual point of view, to see the whole breadth of the tale. The only other two named people known so considerably are Elena and Albaird. Aside from that, practically nothing of the details of the plot have been shared, though we can assume the tale to have extensive-achieving implications. The “fate of the universe” is recurring normally, so it need to be harmless to count on an epic tale.

STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE Power Release Date Trailer

An additional trailer was revealed off when the release day was shared as very well. It displays extra interactions between the two sales opportunities and how their specific conflicts are not terribly diverse. It would seem to be taken from when the two fulfill or at the very least agree to be part of forces.

We then get a ton of cuts in between distinctive figures and configurations, with no genuine context as to what is what — it is predominantly revealed for spectacle. One crucial new character, if you can get in touch with them that, is D.U.M.A. This robot attaches alone to Raymond and appears to be to be what provides him his improved mobility choices, like gliding.

When it is difficult to make sense of the out-of-context traces, Star Ocean: The Divine Pressure is obviously going to be a activity with a layered plot of betrayal, twists, double-crossings, and intertwining webs of politics.


Raymond and Laeticia attacking a big frog monster.

Although just about every activity in the series is individual from the relaxation, supporters of earlier game titles will understand some returning mechanics in Star Ocean: The Divine Power. We previously know there will be the twin-protagonist process, but whether or not you are participating in as Raymond or Laeticia, exploration and traversal were being major details revealed off. Verticality in distinct was a concentration, with characters flying in all directions up and all over the environments. The activity will inspire total 3D exploration, which must make the earth even additional enjoyment to reside in.

Battle also obtained a very good offer of screen time, as well as some far more hints by way of official statements. Suitable off the bat, this JRPG is heading complete-on motion beat, that means it’s not a turn-centered affair. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness applied a blend of real-time and transform-based fight, but this time, they are leaning in on the motion aspect of points. Combat and exploration will have no seams between them and no random battles. Enemies all exist in the earth for you to engage with or keep away from at your discretion. If and when you do choose to combat, there’s no transition into battling, and attacking appears to be swift and responsive so much.

Beyond standard strikes, techniques and skills will be a significant part in overcome. We see characters dashing all-around battles, leaving behind neon trails although attacking anything in their route, as well as what seem to be animations of the characters interacting with the robotic companion major up to massive assaults. Magic and other attack capabilities seem to be to have a small startup time that will depart you vulnerable if carried out at the incorrect time.

Other units appear on display screen, like something called Best Avoidance and Sight Out, that give various bonuses. It’s unclear what will bring about these buffs at the minute.

The game will also guidance a more tactical design and style of engage in by allowing the participant pause the action and give commands, swap characters, or just consider a instant to approach at any time.

Apart from Raymond and Laeticia, which you will pick out in between at the commencing of the game, the other get together customers also look playable. We see times of Elena running about a canyon-kind setting and attacking with some sort of laser whip weapon, and Albaird casting ice magic. We can then believe that all party customers, assuming the forged is bigger than just these four, will be playable. Based on which character you choose at the get started, you will get a distinct forged of social gathering users as effectively.

Outside of beat, you have a whole lot of independence in mobility, these kinds of as jumping and gliding significantly across the terrain.


Raymond flyingg over a dusty canyon.

When they technically have not denied it, there’s no purpose to believe there will be any multiplayer ingredient in Star Ocean: The Divine Pressure. There was an optional vs . method in Star Ocean: Until the Conclusion of Time Director’s Cut, and the mobile match Star Ocean: Anamnesis does allow for for gamers to crew up, but it is by no means been incorporated in the suitable match by itself. JRPGs normally do not integrate multiplayer, and for the most part, followers don’t definitely want them to. This appears to be like like it needs to stick to in the footsteps of some thing like Tales of Arise and aim on reintroducing the series by concentrating on creating the most solid solitary-player knowledge achievable.


Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be acquiring a number of various editions you can decide on from, even though they are not but open up in the west. No make a difference which edition you pre-get, you will get a mini-sport pawn pack. Here’s what each of them includes:

Digital Deluxe:

  • The foundation sport
  • OST with around 80 songs
  • Two armor pieces
  • Four accessories
  • Greatsword weapon pack for Raymond, Lionheart’s Blutgang and Dual blades for Laeticia, and Flashing Naglering

Confined Version (PS4 and PS5 only):

  • The foundation match
  • Four-CD soundtrack
  • Artbook
  • Two Star Ocean keychains
  • Code for all the things from the Digital Deluxe version

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