First Cold Snap: Our Tips For Caring For Your Baby

First Cold Snap: Our Tips For Caring For Your Baby

It can be a nightmare when your baby develops cold. That’s why you should consider keeping the baby safe during the cold weather. Besides, they are vulnerable to cold as their immunity is still underdeveloped. Cold symptoms can give you distress especially when your baby has congestion, visit your pediatrician if that happens.

Baby cold symptoms

The first cold snap can be scary for any new parent. Furthermore, it puts you on radar on the wellbeing of your baby. It could be a flu or pneumonia which is really detrimental to your baby. Visit your pediatrician to make good diagnosis if your baby shows these symptoms:

  •  Thin clear nasal discharge
  • Sneezing
  •  Fever
  • Nasal Congestion that can affect how they feed

Home care

Kids need to be cozy and warm during winter. They have an inconsistent body temperature that makes them vulnerable to cold and flu. If it is your baby’s first cold, you have to go for the best care tips that will help them recover quickly.

Proper clothing

As much as cold is not the cause of a flu, it is necessary that your baby is warm. For instance, why not try the cotton girls pyjamas for those chilly winter nights. Sometimes, when the weather is too cold your baby can develop a flu. Ensure they are in cozy sleepwear.

Set the right room temperature

Your baby’s room should be at a comfortable temperature. Counter those freezing nights by pre-heating the room. Better still, you can opt for swaddling blankets. Your baby needs fresh air, moist air from a mist humidifier can reduce congestion and give room for easy breathing.

Monitor their nasal breathing

Cold can cause breathing difficulties to your baby. A stuffed up nose can give both of you sleepless nights. You can try to suction to decongest their nasal cavity. Additionally, apply some petroleum jelly under the nose to prevent the soreness.

High fluid intake

For newborn babies, the mother’s milk is the best immunity booster. Increase the fluid intake of your baby to replace those lost. You can use warm vitamin C juice extracts or soup with high nutrition value.

Good sanitation

Your surfaces are the biggest germ and bacteria carriers. Use disinfectant solution to clean them before your baby gets to touch them. Moreover, wash your baby’s clothes separately, to avoid contamination. Wash your hands after every diaper change and remind your guests to do the same before handling the baby.

Wrap up

First Cold snaps in a baby can be so overwhelming even though they are common .At times, they may not be caused by the chilly weather .Therefore, you need to stay in check of your baby’s environment, including getting girls pyjamas. Make constant visits to your pediatrician to ascertain of the baby’s health status in case the fever or other symptoms are out of control.

Try to install humidifiers in your baby’s room, they come in handy. However, consult with your doctor.

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