Top 4 Prank Apps of 2020

Prank Apps

Ownage Pranks

Making prank calls in 2020 has never been harder. In many instances, caller IDs which aren’t secure can be exposed and traced back to you. 

However, don’t fear as this is where the Ownage Pranks app comes in! Not only will it provide hilarious prank material but also hides your caller ID ensuring your identity remains a secret.

This convenient prank app does all the work for you as it contains prescripted pre-recordings that are composed and voiced beforehand by Russell Johnson along with other talented voice actors. Pre-recordings are automated to send once the call begins initiating the prank call.  

As there are over 100 prank scripts available to make browsing easier and time-efficient pranks are organized under different prank genres.

For example, if you browsed through the ‘Angry Strangers’ section you would find a variety of different prank scripts that cater to strangers, some of these include  ‘Can I buy your Cat’ and ‘Pick Up Your Dog Poop’. 

What if you felt like pranking your girlfriend? Go to the ‘Dating & Love’ category and use the ‘Cheater’s Apology’ prank script to get the funniest reactions out of her. 

You might think that an automated voice message couldn’t make a prank call as good as a person, but this is not true. With its remarkable response times by analyzing dialogue during the call, victims will presume that it’s a real person on the line.

Mr Caller Free

If you can’t bear to stay another second at a school reunion or dull work meeting, then the Mr Caller Free Prank Call app will prove very handy to make a convincing escape. 

So what does it do? 

This app lets you get out of any bad situation with a good reason, as you can schedule bogus calls and SMS to your Phone at any time and from anybody on your contacts list.

The level of customization that is offered is superb, which can make your pranks that much more sophisticated and cunning. 

Want to fool your brother into thinking that mom or dad texted? With Mr Caller Free you can fabricate a text message making it appear it came straight from your mom or dad, with a customized message of your choice. 

As you have physical evidence that can be seen on your Phone, this completely removes any suspicion and adds credibility to your bogus claim. 

Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Among the most distinctive apps you will ever see, this allows you to fake your location tricking people into thinking you’re somewhere when you’re really not.

Feel like being in London, Paris or China for a day? With this fake GPS app, you can change your country to any location on the entire planet. Similar to many fake calling apps its a great way to convince someone while giving them a legitimate excuse. 

Maybe you want to convince your parents you were at a friends house when you were actually staying at your girlfriend’s place, use the Fake GPS Location Spoofer to show them your fake location. 

With so much potential in a single app, you’re probably wondering how it works, so let’s go over it. It’s important to know before-hand you will need to have Google Play Services and Maps installed on your phone for the Fake GPS Location Spoofer to work. 

Step 1: 

On your Phone, go to Settings > About Phone> and click on the android version 7 times. Then go to the developer’s option and enable mock locations.

Step 2:

Set your location to be ‘Device only’ and open the app, here you can set your fake location by moving the red dot anywhere on the map. Once you have chosen your location, press the ‘Play’ button.

Step 3:

Press the ‘Pause’ to stop the fake GPS location.

Once you turn off your current location position, the app will overwrite your current proximity and alter your location to your chosen destination. 

Dude Car Prank Pro

We all know that if something looks a bit iffy online, the first thing we think is photoshop as it can practically make anything look real. The Dude Car Prank Pro app takes this concept by tricking your pals that their car is damaged using its unique filters.

The level of damage can be altered from a small scratch on their door to their car being set on fire. Depending on the damage may cause a person to flip out, so be careful on this one.

So how do you pull it off? After downloading the app, take a picture of the person’s car and save it onto your album. 

This is where the real fun starts, select the picture, then apply one of the three damage filters offered. 

From the damage filter, you can make adjustments to the shape, size and orientation decreasing or increasing the car damage shown on the picture. 

Once satisfied with the imaginary havoc you’ve created save the edited image and show your buddy, you can then share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Are you looking for Most Popular Call Blocker Apps to Block Unwanted Calls for Android? Then just click here to find find best call blocker apps to save your time with a unwanted calls.

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