Top 5 Comfort Movies To Watch This Weekend

Top 5 Comfort Movies To Watch This Weekend


Movies are a reflection of life. They can take you to daydreams where you are the unquestionable and unrivaled prince. At the same time, they drag you into the pit of reality.

We all search for comfort in life after a long week of struggle. We seek it through different genres like Poetry, Drama, Painting, and, yes, Films. The last one is for all. They are the most easily available source where we find comfort. 

Wish to make a list of comfort movies?

In this article, we are discussing the top 5 comfort movies to watch in the coming weekend. 

Top Movies To Watch This Weekend

There are some great movies where you find a source of comfort. Let’s discuss them in this section.  

1. Car Wash (1976)

The movie is a comedy classic. Each and every frame of it is brimmed with joy unabridged. Throughout the movies, we come across brilliant characters. This helped in the embroidery of the plot. 

The film is itself a realization that life is like a loin cloth, embroidered with the threads of happiness, sorrow, success, failures, and other human emotions. The colors of human emotions are indeed the color of life here, and the film presents this brilliantly. 

The portrayal of each and every character is so natural that you feel yourself being a part of life when you are watching it. So don’t wait too long and get it downloaded free from the pirate bay

2. Chef (2014)

The movie is a depiction of the life of a Chef that travels through the blind alleys of struggles. It is like a journey on a highway that is sometimes short and sometimes bumpy. But undoubtedly, the movie will offer you comfort, and a lot of it, that you will feel some gush of positivity softly hitting your heart as it passes through you. 

In the movie, Jon Favreau was seen jostling between his craft and fatherhood. But he strikes a sort of harmonious balance between the two, and this is the lesson that the film leaves us with. We need to overcome occasional failures and carry on with our pilgrimage to life. 

3. Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai (1999)

You might be confused about why a samurai movie comes on the list of Comfort movies. But film indeed has the content that drags it here in the list. 

The central character lives the life of a samurai, and his activities are violent. But behind the fiery image of the character lies the icy comfort of self-discipline, honor, power of knowledge, and the limitless spirit to take life as it is. 

The overall build-up of the plot syncs well with the life of the samurai, and that creates an ambiance of comfort. 

4. Happy Go Lucky (2008)

The film manifests how human beings must strive to look for happiness even in the dark world of sorrow, pain, loss, and bereavement. You will be energized every time by the portrayal of an ever-enthusiastic lady, Poppy. 

The school teacher remains jubilant in the face of the miseries of life. Even at the fag end of the movie, we see how Poppy and her young friend enjoy a lovely day. 

The film is a pure outburst of happiness coupled with a soothing effect that will keep you relaxed on your couch. This is the USP of the movie. That life is full of struggle, and we need to accept it with calmness is the realization that dawns upon us at the end. 

5. Local Hero (1983)

An essential character trait of any movie is a feeling of speechlessness and awe. This is reflected in the two characters, Mac and Olsen. 

Here both the characters visit country sights and are dipped into the lake of speechlessness by the views of the fishing village. They were so excited that they found it almost impossible to describe the calm, serene, euphoric sights and scenes that they came across in the village. 

The canvas (plot) is decked with some amazing scenes and soothing background music. Even in some of the ludicrous scenes, you get to feel the punch of happiness. Undoubtedly it is a comforting movie.

The End 

We realize that life is full of struggles, and we need some time to rest and regain the lost energy. We look at films every time to regain ourselves. Films have the capacity to provide you with comfort. The films discussed above are no less than great films of their era, and they definitely move you but at the same time dictate to you the larger philosophy of life.

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