When to Outsource to Grow Your Company

When to Outsource to Grow Your Company

It’s understandable that many small businesses are hesitant to outsource certain tasks to agencies and professional services firms. It can be more costly than attempting to perform the task in-house, and business leaders may prefer to simply hire professionals instead of outsourcing. Still, there are times at which it’s not just the labor you’re benefiting from when you outsource—it’s the experience, the specific skills, and the speed. This article is about the best outsourcing options for your business in 2022—the ones that’ll return profits on the investment you place in their skills. 

Sales Generation

Small businesses have limited ability to generate their own leads, and instead have to rely on clients and customers coming to them. This can be an incredibly slow process, as your business may not be as discoverable or visible as your competitors’ businesses. Trying to focus on lead generation on your own can be tricky, as it’s a resource-heavy process that can often result in little sales, so outsourcing makes sense in this context. 

You’ll find that telemarketing professionals such as GSA Business Development are on-hand to research potential clients and call important decision-makers who may be interested in working with your business. The quality of this service, and the speed at which they can connect you with clients, is why many small businesses choose sales generation as a key outsourcing option. 

Web Assets

In the modern era, even a small business requires a website and some social media pages. Without them, you’ll be virtually invisible to customers on the internet, and you’ll have to rely upon informal connections or footfall alone to generate sales. So, setting up web assets is a key task for small businesses and start-ups. The problem is that it’s quite difficult to do this successfully—and many of the skills required are specialist and difficult to learn on the go. 

Again, this is where outsourcing comes in. If you’re looking to develop a suite of web assets, it’s far more prudent to simply turn to a provider of these services as opposed to trying to source the skills in your own team, or searching for new temporary employees to run them for you. You’ll find fantastic and creative agencies that’ll cover these tasks for you in a matter of days. 


If you’re a B2C company, looking to reach more and more consumers over time, then you’ll wish to prioritize marketing in order to capture a larger share of the market. Marketing is a complex and ever-changing field with many moving parts that require different skills to manage. As such, outsourcing makes a lot of sense if you’re looking to build a marketing campaign. 

To do this, you’ll first partner with a marketing team that’ll operate externally to your business. You’ll discuss objectives and measurable KPIs, and you’ll soon get an understanding of the ROI you’ll enjoy through partnering with a marketing agency in an outsourced manner. 

Outsource HR with an Employer of Record

An EoR is an organization that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work at a different enterprise. The employer of record takes on the responsibility of traditional employment tasks and liabilities. By using employer of record services, recruiters and other businesses can have more free time.

An employer of record is a cost-effective way to outsource payroll and Recruitment functions. The business pays the employer of record company a rate for every hour the employee works, and the EoR handles all red tape tasks.

Outsourcing isn’t always a huge cost that you balk at—sometimes it’s highly prudent, as the above three examples suggest.

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