Yoga Studio Marketing Ideas You Need to Try Once

Yoga Studio Marketing Ideas

Best Ideas for Marketing Yoga Classes

Healthy living and disciplined living is the secret ingredient to a happy life! And what better way than yoga to do that, right? As old and adopted this practice is, yoga is one of the most natural and organic methods of healthy living. Little bit of exercise and fitness never hurt anyone after all. 

In today’s world where lives are speeding up, it is very important to maintain personal and professional as well as physical and mental balance. With the digital era pacing in and to reach a wide audience and engage them in the ‘yoga energy’, here are top five marketing ideas to conduct successful offline and online yoga classes!

  • Start By Spreading The Word

For any event or activity to gain a huge audience, it is important to start with a bang! Starting your yoga classes on Mental Health Day or World Yoga Day always creates awareness and goes viral. Offering free classes on these special days help in spreading the word. Promoting your classes fifteen days prior to such days not only establishes a sense of awareness but also motivates people to try something new or rejuvenate a long lost hobby.

Such promotions usually spread through word of mouth, pamphlets and word going viral into community, society and amongst friends and family. You can also start your classes by inviting a famous Yogi or a renowned and trained Yoga expert who is popular and brings along a wider audience base. 

  • Social Media And Online Marketing

The world of social media rules all, for real. From cooking to sports and dancing to education, everything has shifted on an electronic screen. Online yoga classes are only getting popular with time and gaining huge acceptance in the fitness spectrum. 

Using social media platforms like WhatsApp broadcasts, Facebook updates, Twitter and hashtags, Instagram Live, etc. attract audiences of all ages and interests. Young, old or adults, everybody who owns a yoga mat is typically tempted to attend online yoga sessions. 

Email marketing is yet another powerful source of online marketing. Since yoga caters to all age groups, email marketing sharply helps to contact a huge pool of contacts and network more strongly than any social media platform. It also provides more details about the topic. Pioneers like MailChimp and GetResponse can also help in this aspect of promotion. 

Creating your own website and generating content that catches interest using appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) tools (or hiring someone to look after it) helps you in creating your separate brand identity which inturn proves to be an efficient way of online marketing.

  • Fitness and Wellness Collaborations

Yoga challenges with different asanas, competitions over wellness, fitness and yoga methods, exams about learning, etc. are some methods to attract the masses. Fitness and wellness collaborations can be done with fitness brands and fitness celebrities who could also participate in such challenges, motivating a huge number of people to join too. 

Many fitness bloggers, fitness trainers and fitness and yoga enthusiasts can come together to form into a collaboration to join your event or classes. This not only adds credibility to your image and brand but also builds trust and interest for your customers along with offering them a VIP Experience at your classes. Similarly, you can also collaborate with top wellness partners in the town and set up a base for your customers.

  • Unique Offerings

Giving free demo classes, organizing outdoor sessions with nature, creating your own IGTV or Youtube channel, hosting weekend meditation sessions or holding yoga knowledge sessions given by knowledgeable yogis are some ways to stand out from other yoga glasses. Unique offering not only attracts customers but also motivates them to regularly attend your classes due to the element of “something different”. 

One can also start doing so by holding small yoga workshops with fun sessions, game sessions around yoga asanas, meditation and self-introspection sessions, or free online live classes to offer a trailer of your upcoming film. 

If they like the trailer, they will definitely buy the popcorn too, ie., if they enjoy your classes, there are higher chances that they will recommend your classes to their friends and family too! Thus, uniqueness is a trait you would surely want to chase for a brighter future. Offering different batches for different age groups and people of different interests, for example, one batch for young children between 7-14 years whereas one batch only for teenagers and one that caters only to mothers could bring in a different approach to your classes. 

  • Connect With Your Community 

Reaching out to people is surely a task but so is reaching the one near you. Connecting with your community not only shows a sense of closed bonding but also helps communicate your venture and idea amongst your nearest surroundings. This builds a sense of belonging.

Connecting with your garden yoga group, your walking buddies or even your students could bring a huge difference in the demographics of your classes. These groups also help in giving feedback and evaluations for your own betterment and help you improve at several different aspects of your classes. 

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