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5 Best Mattresses For First Time Buyers


Are you having trouble picking the best mattress for your house? Is it because it’s your first time buying one or you don’t have the information about mattresses? Buying a mattress will be a big problem for you; without knowing what mattress you want, you may regret your decision. But, with that being said, it will end up being a waste of time and money. 

So, to help you with this commotion, this article aims to guide you on what mattress you will be looking for as a first-timer. Remember that this kind of product is vital for you, as this is where you can enjoy your rest from a hard day’s work. Consider this as a long-term investment as you can use this for years. There are tons of mattresses available for you to purchase. For starters, here are some of the mattresses that you can look up to in buying.

Innerspring Mattress

This type of mattress has been around since the early 1900s. At that time, it can be considered one of the best mattresses around the globe. This mattress is made up of springs inside that can support weight when applied. The more string the mattress has, the better quality it is. 

Innerspring mattresses are also known or popular for their price as it is affordable. So if you’re looking for a cheap and high-quality type of mattress, you can consider this in your options. The downside only is it wears out faster. So the longer you use it, changing its springs is recommended to keep its value. But as starters, this can provide you what you need.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is also popular as of today. Consumers most commonly buy it as it is known for its durability and lifespan. The memory foams are composed of polyurethane, commonly found on sofas, car seats, and spray foam. It provides good durability and good support that provides excellent pressure relief. 

This type of mattress is good to buy as it contours your body using the heat to make you comfortable in the bed. However, compared to innerspring mattresses, memory foams are pricey. These mattresses are also heavy and can be a challenge where you will change your sheets. Nonetheless, this mattress is good to buy when you are searching for durability. Just make sure that it fits with your budget. 


If you think that innerspring was the oldest mattress around, well water beds have already existed. This mattress has already existed in the 80s, as where most rooms for rent contain this type of mattress. To give you a brief history, this was invented by a physician to solve bedsore problems. 

This mattress can help you rest and relax; you can also adjust the water inside using tubes. Today, waterbeds in this modern era can automatically adjust the temperature of the water as it has a control panel where it will adjust the temperature you want for your bed. So if you’re looking for a unique mattress and can help you rest, then waterbeds can be your go-to guy during mattress buying.


If there’s water, then there is air. This type of mattress is composed of air inside, similar to a balloon. Airbeds are commonly used for outside activities like camping or hiking as they can be easily set up anywhere and anytime if you want to lay down. In addition, it can provide you a different comfort experience as it is not bulky as the common beds being used. 

By adjusting the air, you can control how dense the bed will be. In the past, airbeds were adjusted manually. In this modern era, there are smart air beds available that you can buy. It has a control panel and remote that can control the air inside the mattress, making it more easy and constant if you want to set it just as you like it during the next day.

Pillow Top

This type of mattress can be similar to foam mattresses. What makes it unique is its added layer on top. The added layer can provide smoothness and comfort to the user. The mattress underneath is usually an innerspring or different layer that can give you firmness and support. This kind of mattress is commonly seen in hotels. 

Pillow top mattresses are not as pricey as you think but affordable. Its durability can last for a long lifespan as when it is used. In addition, it returns to its original shape after being asleep. With that being said, there will be no need for you to flip your mattresses to get the support that you need.


The list is some suggestions that you can look up as a beginner. To make sure of your decision better, you can do your research and find out more about the different types of mattresses. There is no need to worry if it’s your first time. Just make sure that the type of mattress you will be choosing will be the right one and consider this is a long-term investment. Standard long single mattress are 135 cm and 190 cm long. Go out there and buy your mattress now.





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