6 Tips To Know While Mixing Vape Juices

Mixing Vape Juices

The vaping community is spoilt for choice, with a spectrum of bold and delicious flavor choices emerging in the market. Vapers often find themselves enthusiastic about experimenting with these liquids to develop innovative flavor blends to create DIY e-liquids. 

Creating new flavor combinations can help achieve a specific flavor palate or nicotine strength or a combination of both that is more satisfying. Also, mixing e-liquids can help you learn more about these liquids’ constituents and how to balance them to achieve the perfect blend. — Of course, keep in mind that high-quality e-liquids are required if you’re planning to come up with new ideas and combinations.

 While creating DIY e-liquids might not require a lot of skill, here are six essential tips to ensure your mixing experiments turn up with exciting results. 

1. Don’t Mix Too Many Flavors.

Mixing e-liquids offers the liberty to create your very own flavors that best suit your likings. You can balance the different parameters in your e-liquid, such as the sweetness as per your choice.  But one of the most common mistakes by vapers while mixing e-liquids is adding too many of them together.  The enthusiasm for creating unique flavors could cause you to add way too many e-liquids together, which can seldom create a good end product to vape. 

CBD vape juice is a mixture of several chemicals. Bringing too many liquids destroys the taste with too many flavors and increases the number of chemicals in your vape liquid. It could make the complete experience intense and uncomfortable. The final liquid might end up having a strong chemical taste that dominates almost all other flavorings. Therefore stick to blending two or a maximum of three flavors to create your mixture. 

2. Avoid Mixing Freebase Nicotine With Nicotine Salt Liquids

There is no reason why you can’t mix different flavors of freebase nicotine e-juices for your DIY experiments. The same rules apply to mixing multiple salt-based e-liquids as well. However, mixing freebase nicotine with salt-based liquids is not advisable. The reason behind this is that these e-liquids carry two different types of nicotine, which cannot co-exist in a single product. 

Freebase nicotine liquids are most suitable to vape with sub-ohm setups, where the coil operates at lower resistance for optimum performance. If you are looking for the ideal setup for salt-based juices, a pod mod system with much higher coil resistance will deliver the best results. You can also buy smok coils online to provide competent resistance to your pod system to vaporize your salt-based mixtures effectively. 

But, if you attempt to break these rules and mix the two e-juices, you might as well discard the batch as the final e-liquid will not be suitable for any device. Also, the nicotine from the two liquids will not combine at a chemical level, and thus you will not feel satisfied from vaping this blend. While the end product may not be dangerous, it will not be usable either.  

3. Consider Complementary Flavors 

Mixing e-liquids is an art, and not all flavors combine to create a drool-worthy blend. A critical point to keep in mind while mixing two e-liquids is to ensure that the flavors will combine well or complement one another in the end mixture. Try to avoid experimenting with odd flavor combinations, especially if you know they do not go well together. 

A simple way to ensure you do not create multiple bottles of an appalling mixture is to make small experimental batches. Add small quantities of the two liquids into a third container, mix thoroughly, vape it, and experience how the two flavors bond before deciding to create a larger batch. Some exciting combinations you can try at home include rum and tobacco, raspberry green tea, coffee and menthol, coffee and vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut, cinnamon, and pecan.  

4. Match The Nicotine Content

Another tip to create a soothing mixture is to match the nicotine strengths of your e-liquids. If the nicotine content of your e-juice is important to you, combining two different strengths may not give you the ideal vaping experience you might seek. It might lack a punchy throat hit, or worse, it could be too harsh on the throat. 

Calculating the final dosage or nicotine strength may become challenging, especially if you are keen on tracking your nicotine consumption. Always use e-liquids of the same nicotine strength for achieving the best results.  

5. Make Sure The VG: PG Ratios Match

VG or Vegetable Glycerin and PG or Propeleyene Glycol are two major constituents of e-liquids. They contribute to the consistency that influences the vapor density, throat hit, and flavor profile. 

If you have a particular VG: PG ratio that you are most comfortable with, try to blend liquids with a similar ratio. This way, your final liquid’s consistency is as expected, and you will have a pleasant vaping experience. 

6. Never Compromise On Quality 

Another common mistake by many DIY e-liquid enthusiasts is blending e-liquids of variable quality. The golden rule of vaping is to always stick to e-liquids prepared with high-quality ingredients to avoid any uncomparable experience or side effects. 

Often, individuals try to mix a high-quality bottle with a low-quality liquid, assuming that the final mixture will mask any uncomfortable chemicals or flavors. But the truth is this kind of mixture will leave you extremely disappointed as the low-quality e-juice could significantly degrade the vapors and flavor profile of the e-juice. 


With the help of these simple tips, you can create extraordinary, delicious e-juice mixtures. Put on your thinking hats and start experimenting with exciting new flavor combinations to enjoy a perfectly smooth, tasty, and potent vaping experience.

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