​How much is an Air Compressor for a Car?

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How can Search the Car Air Compressor at Best Price?

When the air compressor for a car fails, the whole air conditioning system fails. The air compressor in a car is one of the hundreds of parts of a car that gets to be used very often. By far, it is the most critical and central part of the car’s air conditioning system.

Air compressors are not what you wish to not be properly maintained. Not only are they the most expensive components of the air conditioning unit, but they are also the only unit that provide that necessary cool air for those hot, hot days. And yes, to have that unclouded windshield in the colder months.

It is not so easy to determine precisely how long any of each specific car component will last. Although, the air compressor is expected to be effective for about 8 -12 years. But like the air conditioning unit and the other car components with guaranteed life cycles, this is not usually the case.

And similar to most of these other components, how long the air compressor of a car will keep functioning and not need to be replaced is dependent on a couple of factors. Some are:

  1. The age (and mileage) of the car: Modern cars air-conditioning systems are infused with highly effective and super guaranteed air compressors. They come so highly reliable that major issues are found to be very rare. But as with all rotating parts, durability is subject to wear and tear. Over the years as the car’s age and mileage grow, parts fail or malfunction due to inevitable wearing and tearing. For the air conditioning compressor, this means very little or no cool air coming from the unit.
  1. Car compressor history: What is important to note is that, if the car compressor has already been replaced at some moment, then the lifecycle will be different from what it would have been if it were the factory original. The length of time before repair will also be shortened.

To Repair or Replace a Dysfunctional Air Compressor for a Car?

Purchasing an air compressor, for a first-timer, can come with a lot of rocket science-like challenges. After a professional assessment and confirmation that the car air compressor is in total disrepair, you are further presented with one of few options:

  1. To replace the air compressor of the car.
  2. To replace the whole condensing unit with or without the indoor evaporator coil.
  3. To replace the whole cooling and heating system.

The mechanism of the air conditioning compressor explains that it removes heat from the air by compressing refrigerant and sending it to the car’s air condenser. The cooled gas then reverts into liquid form as it returns to the compressor. This is when the car’s cabin air gets chilled.

Without the work of the air conditioning compressor, that is, to put the needed amount of pressure (compress) on the car’s refrigerant, the entire air conditioning system (the condenser, receiver-dryer, accumulator, expansion valve, evaporator, clutches) will not work their main role of creating cool air inside the car.

Therefore, if the car’s air conditioning system, by inspection, is found to be dysfunctional, or with a broken compressor, economically, investing in a new unit is wiser than repairing one. Investing also in a new compressor is better than a used or remanufactured one.

Though a new air conditioning compressor may cost more, you are bound to spend greater from buying one that is used or remanufactured. It will not only be an automatically shortened lifespan of the air compressor, but it can also cause the failure of the entire air conditioning unit. Consequently leading to the replacement of the various parts, now extending the costs.

What is the cost of an Air Compressor for a Car?

Generally, air compressors for cars tend to fail after 60,000-70,000 miles. This can be lengthened depending on demand, use, and operating conditions.

The average cost of an air compressor for a car is between $200 and $600 depending on the type of car into consideration. The cost will also vary from car to car among many other variables like car manufacturing years. Some car compressor costs are enlisted below:

  • For Honda Accord V6 AC Compressors, Parts Number: 38810RCAA01, Price:$103
  • For Land Rover AC Compressors, Parts Number:140651NC, Price:$158
  • For Mazda 3 AC Compressors, Parts Number: CO 11308ZI, Price:$138
  • For Porsche 911 1989 – 1998 Redman A/C Compressor, Price: $252.75
  • For BMW E32 E31 750iL 850CSi 850i V12 A/C Compressor and Clutch Denso 471-1263 | 471-1263, Price: $333.95
  • For Hyundai Tucson Kia Sportage A/C Compressor and Clutch Denso 471-6025 | 471-6025, Price: $285.56

For 2000-2013 Chevrolet Silverado, 2003-2005 Chevrolet Express Van, 2000-2009 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2002-2009 Chevrolet Avalanche, 2000-2009 Chevrolet Suburban, 2000 -2007:

  • OEM New, OEM Number: 10364873, 10366545, 1136642, Parts Number:60-01588, Price: $277.11 – $250.71
  • BAP New, OEM Number: 15-20941, 15036042, 15068854, Parts Number:60-01588, Price: $152.25 – $137.75
  • AC Kit, OEM Number: 15100338, 15169964, 1520941, Parts Number:60-01588, Price: $195.30 – $176.70

Does the Type of Air Compressor for a Car matter in the Price?

The types of air compressors for car vary in how distinct they handle air exchanges between the car interior and the air conditioning system. Because compressing gas can happen in more than one way, different types of compressors can be used within an air conditioning system.

For the popularly used types, there are three:

  1. Rotary air compressors are the most popular of the compressors manufactured. They compress and transfer refrigerant gas using a roller/cylinder mechanism.
  2. The scroll compressor consists of two distinct height sized spiral disks. During the process, the circular motion of the short disk impels the gases to move to the center of the scroll, causing the gases to compress.
  3. c. A variable displacement compressor, (or reciprocating compressor), compresses and transfers refrigerant gas by a piston/cylinder mechanism.

For these different types of air compressors for cars, therefore, each would also have varying prices by car models or/and by car manufacturing years.

How do you Know When to Replace the Air Compressor for a Car?

The air compressor is known to have the second-highest failure rate among all the air conditioning system components. As the mechanism of the air compressor is to cycle on and off to cool the car continually, it becomes easily susceptible to wear and tear. 

To know when the air compressor for your car needs to be potentially replaced, some of the commonest signs amongst many, are:

  • Sporadic cooling: A damaged compressor will be ineffectively regulating the refrigerant flow.
  • Immobile clutch.
  • Loud noise when switched on.

It’s advisable to have the air compressor for the car inspected quarterly to determine if it needs a replacement. This way, you can extend the longevity of the unit, and keep the system working properly. Read more on AirCompressorsUSA .

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