How Business Benefits From Penetration Testing?

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When it comes to cybersecurity, penetration testing is considered one of the best ways to improve business security and prevent any threats. Since hackers develop new strategies and the risk is higher every day, companies should always implement best practices that allow them to view your company’s security measures from a hacker’s perspective. That is where the penetration test is an essential point in improving cybersecurity.

It is always best to first learn about business vulnerabilities in your system and software and then resolve costly mistakes. If you spend lots of time developing your security posture, you would also like to explore how it works. When conducted by professionals, penetration testing can bring valuable insights into both weaknesses and strengths of your organisation’s cyber defences. Let’s explore what the penetration test means, how it works and how it can benefit a modern business.

What Is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test (also called pen test or ethical hacking) refers to an authorised cyberattack performed on an organisation. In contrast to simulations, a penetration test will look for weak points and check a company’s defences just like the hacker would, allowing companies to discover real vulnerabilities or a network’s strengths before the hacker could do.

Penetration tests often come as a part of a security audit, but they can also be done in a single process. That is because it is one of the best things the company can do to check the real company’s security defences. These tests use the same methods, technologies and ways as a hacker would while attempting to hack a part or all of the system and software. Penetration tests usually use simulated attacks such as phishing, identifying open ports, altering data and installing adware.

Penetration tests are highly valued among organisations since they give valuable insight into a company’s weak spots from a hacker’s perspective. These tests help identify weaknesses that a company should improve to better protect the data.

How Often to Perform Penetration Tests

Penetration testing should be considered a crucial part of cyber security, so it has to be performed on a regular basis. Talking generally, your company should provide pen testing at least once a year. However, it is best to provide these tests when new software is installed. To be more specific, it is recommended to perform a penetration test when:

  • Upgrades in the company’s software occur;
  • Major security patches are applied;
  • New offices are opened;
  • New software, websites or cloud services are installed or launched.

How Much Does a Penetration Test Cost? 

The cost of the penetration test depends on the cybersecurity company and the complexity of your IT infrastructure. The price can be around $5,000, but the cost will depend on the size of the app or system you are going to test. Therefore, the pen test for a small app can be very different from the cost of testing the entire business infrastructure.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Penetration Test

Find Weak Spots Before Hackers Do

Finding weak spots before hackers do is essential to remain secure. It is also a big reason why penetration testing UK is so common in 2022. This test can illuminate business vulnerabilities that no cybersecurity measures can find or consider. It is especially vital for those companies that do not have in-house security departments.

However, a penetration test doesn’t work like a vulnerability scan. Since it uses the same methods and technologies as hackers do, pen testing can open up vulnerabilities that:

  • Occur only through the combination of lower-risk weaknesses that require to be exploited in a particular sequence; 
  • Rely on several human actors, like social engineering or employee error; 
  • Impossible to find using automated network vulnerability scanning.

Test the Abilities of Your In-House Defenders

A penetration test is also used to analyse how teams and systems that are responsible for monitoring your network work in case of attack. This greatly helps in verifying whether or not your automated detection programs and cybersecurity teams are working properly. Or maybe your security teams do not have enough tools to identify the attack and whether they need something to improve the security.

Estimate the Potential Damage of a Successful Attack

Not all businesses understand the danger a successful attack can bring to their organisation and how much it can cost to get back on track. As a result, not all companies use best practices and consider successful attacks as something dangerous for their business.

This is why penetration tests are used to help estimate how hard it would hit the business in case of attack success. This makes it clear for companies that they require cybersecurity practices. Identifying the impacts in advance can not only allow a company to take steps to mitigate outcomes but also consider these impacts during the recovery phase. 

Prove Cybersecurity Effectiveness

Since data breaches have become common in everyday reality, customers are increasingly worried about whether their information is secure enough to continue using the apps and websites of an organisation. This is why modern customers value when the company uses penetration tests and applies the latest security measures. These tests can help your business gain users’ trust and ensure the data is safe.

Reduce Remediation Costs 

Attempts to fix the outcomes of a successful attack are costly and may not even bring any results. It can also take months and years to get back on track without ruining your business. Since penetration tests also show how a successful attack will affect the company, your security team will know how to act and from where to start in case of attack success. This helps reduce costs and speed up remediation.

Final Thoughts

Cybersecurity is essential in 2022. With the development of new technologies and global digitalisation, hackers also have new ways and methods of attacking businesses. However, penetration tests can significantly help in preventing those attacks, providing valuable insights and helping businesses avoid costly mistakes.

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