Birthday Party Ideas for 11-12 Year Old Children’s

cool 12 year old boy birthday party ideas

Birthday Party Ideas for 11-12 Year Old’s

Twin years are lovely as every moment has something new to offer and learn. You can come up with different ideas to plan a birthday party for your twin kid. Before you start planning, know the friends of your kids and what your kid loves and dislikes. 

When you know the activities your kid enjoys with his friends, you can plan a fun birthday party by hiring the kids birthday party planners. Keep the activities interesting and upbeat. Choose colourful goods, get goodies, and free giveaways. Funky and cool party decorations, treats, surprise elements, music your kid’s love, and fun activities and games can be planned for a birthday party.

  • Party decorations

Superhero and princess parties are the most popular themes that are chosen for birthday parties. You can choose decorations from many themes that are based on movie characters, art themes, games, etc.

Character dishes, balloon arch kit, confetti, bud vases, cake stands, funky string lights, wall decor, letter garlands, jars filled with goodies and treats, paper decorations, glow decors, etc. You can also purchase burlap table runner bulk selection and decorate the tables with it to match the theme of the party. Movie party decorations are fun and kids love it.

  • Creative invitations

Choose creative and decorative ideas and themes to send invitations to parties. Plan the list and send out the invitations way ahead. You can use balloons, pop-ups, decorative envelopes, fortune teller themes, film roll, postcard, fabric invitations, game themes, and much more. 

  • Party themes

There are many themes you can choose from. Karaoke theme parties and movies are the most common and fun. They spruce up the occasions with fun knick-knacks and you can reward gifts and goodies for the best singing competition. 

For movie party nights you can choose projectors, have a popcorn bar, bring in some fun pillows, cushions, and more. If your kids love sports, you can bring in sports party decorations such as, photo cards, games, board and outdoor games, and more fun activities that kids would enjoy. 

Scavenger games are one of the most enjoyable. You can add phone booths, slumber parties, and more. You can also choose ice cream as one of the themes for parties.

  • Food and drinks

Choose burgers, pinwheel dips, pizzas, cheesecakes, mini chocolate dips, truffle cones, candy popcorn, rolls, carnitas, meatballs, lasagna, and more. You can also choose colorful foods and drinks. 

Iced coffee, milkshakes, mug cakes, brownies, donuts, pickle chips, layered dips, enchilada cups and more. There are many delicious options for fun food and drinks. You can choose from a variety of pretzels, fritters, dough dip, wedges, and choose from a variety of dips.

  • Outdoor party ideas

You can celebrate the birthday of your twin in the park. You can choose from outdoor areas like museums, parks, amusement parks, malls, etc. You can choose from outdoor game parties, dog and pet parties, spa-themed parties, arcade parties, and more. 

Pool parties are fun and something kids and adults will love. You can also choose from a cooking class party camping party. Backyards are some of the most commonly used places to host birthday parties. Garden parties are also fun when it comes to choosing a fun theme party idea for kids.

  • Fun games

Some of the most popular ones are Marco Polo pool game, water balloon race, line up games where kids have to line up as per the alphabet and rearrange themselves within minutes. But you could try something even more fun—the stunt scooter race, where they have to race with their two wheel stunt scooters to reach a point and grab the gift hamper. The Knight’s tale is also a fun role-playing game that has fun activities that kids enjoy.

Give a twist to the baseball game and play it along with fun and music. You can also add dance activities to it. Balloon, gift, and many other games. Candy corn sticks, scavenger hunt, dare and truth games, and many more games and activities are available for you to choose from.

  • Gifts and freebies

You can choose from funky gifts and giveaways for twin parties. Craft kits, colorful clay, mini instant cameras for kids, and other personalized gifts can be given at these birthday parties. 

Scrunchie sets, makeup gift sets, squishiest, bath bombs, fry bags, and many other cool and cute options are available to give away as return gifts for teenagers. Colorful donuts, rainbow colors desserts, candies, and many other types of gifts you can give away.

  • Uncommon ideas and themes

You can have a party at the theme parks where kids and their friends can enjoy roller coaster rides. This is a kind of party suitable for kids as well as people of all age groups. 

A unique and memorable birthday for kids can be organized at a theme park, like a dance or a game party where they can have a lot of fun and enjoy themselves. You can also create unique events for birthday parties where kids can have a good time. 


These are wonderful ideas you can choose from to create party ideas for 11-12-year-olds. You can create a lot of fun activities and events using these ideas and have a lot of fun with kids at their birthday party. Kids will love running around and enjoying these activities. 

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