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Searching for a reliable source of entertainment? einthusan movies are the best place to watch movies online for free. The website is free for movie lovers. Whether you want a break from your daily routine or want to watch the latest movies, einthusan is the best place to be. You can go for the premium version of the website to access ads-free entertainment. Like various other free movie streaming websites, you’ll see a lot of advertisements on einthusan. For this, you can check out the premium version of the website. There are a variety of options like einthusan Tamil, einthusan Hindi, einthusan tv, einthusan Telugu, einthusan Hindi movies, and so on.

Initially, the website was and, however now you need to register an account on 

What’s Einthusan? 

It is a very famous illegal piracy video streaming website. You can watch Indian movies in versatile languages like Hindi Telugu Tamil Malayalam Bengali Canada and Chinese at this official website. Plus you can find the most well-known movies and latest video content on this website every day. For regular updates and the latest movie updates, you should visit the website regularly. 


You can also sign up on the website for its newsletter. They also have an application that is popular among smartphone users. People who use this app can watch and download movies from the website online on the app itself. As a matter of fact, it is one of the well-known illegal movie streaming websites where you can watch movies online for free. 

There are a lot of advertisements on this website. You can switch to the premium version in order to avoid all the advertisements. People from all over India can look for Bengali movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Kannada movies, Marathi movies on this website. The Tamil movie section is categorized as one of the second-highest popular movie sections on this website. A lot of Tamilians use this website to watch the latest movies online for free. Not only movies but the audience can also enjoy watching television shows, web series and the latest videos. 

There are various other websites that stream Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies and local movies in languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and so on. But nothing is as famous as this website. The users need to find a working domain to find their favorite movies online for free. Every time an illegal movie streaming website changes its domain you will have to check out the new URL. Because they have to rebrand their URL to let the users know about the new location of the legal website. In many countries, illegal movie streaming websites are banned due to the exploitation of their rights. 

For this reason, our audience uses VPN servers or proxies to watch movies for free on such einthusan websites online. You can not only download movies but also stream the movies in HD quality for free. All these movies are Evan available for download in HD quality for free. This website has Mini movies that are the latest. Users claim to have found the new movies on the first day of the release itself. There are other movies that have been leaked in versatile languages and were available to watch online on this website. The best part about this website is that you can watch movies in HD quality.

Movie Language Categories Available on Einthusan 

  • Kannada Movies
  • Bengali Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Einthusan Chinese Movies
  • Einthusan Hindi movies
  • Einthusan Tamil movies
  • Einthusan Telugu Movies
  • Einthusan Malayalam Movies

Why is the Eithusan Website Popular? 

There are many reasons why visitors use this illegal movie streaming website. One of the biggest reasons is that everything is available for free online. Some of the most interesting features of this movie streaming website are given below – 

  • It’s very easy to download movies for free online
  • The movie streaming is free for all users. 
  • You can download Bollywood and Hollywood movies on this website in HD quality. 
  • You can download movies in different qualities such as 480 P 720 p 1080 p and so on. 
  • You can also watch viral videos, cartoon movies, com animation television shows, animation movies, web series and so much more on this website. 
  • This online movie streaming website is also a popular music station for music lovers. You can download songs for free without any hassle. All the latest and popular songs are available on this amazing website.
  • The best part is that the television and movie content is available in HD quality on this website. There is illegal streaming without any significant issues. It works similar to a torrent website and is banned in many countries. 
  • You can download videos and movies for free. 
  • The unlimited download feature and high-resolution quality are something that has made this website very popular among the audience. However, watching movies on illegal websites is a crime. The government has banned piracy sites due to copyright issues. 
  • A mobile application is also available for downloading the latest movies, videos and songs. Piracy is a crime and it is prohibited to visit such websites. However, if you still feel that you need to visit this website to watch your favorite latest movie online you can check out others in the given alternatives which is again a crime. 

On the whole, it is suggested to select authentic and legal alternators to watch your favorite and latest movies online. You can check out Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Phullu, and other websites that are legal in various countries. Visiting piracy websites is not very safe and there is a penalty and also imprisonment for such crimes. 

Also, there are many advertisements on piracy websites that will not allow you to watch the movie easily. Some of the advertisements can install viruses and malware in your device and harm it. Therefore it is not very safe for the users to watch command download or even access einthusan.

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