Good Walkme Alternatives You Would want to Know About

Good Walkme Alternatives You Would want to Know About

When you make up your mind to implement a digital adoption platform (DAP), it is going to be a significant step in developing your digital adoption strategy. But with abundant of platforms to choose from, it can be hard to know which is the finest for your business. Should you go with walkme, or would any one of their competitors be a better fit for you? This is something that you need to decide.

Here, in this post you would get to know about some of the walkme competitors and hence, you can make a choice that is apt for you. Once you know about the options, you can compare and decide what suits you the best.

Before you go any further, you must know that there are two prime types of alternatives of Walkme: hosted or open-source platforms. Talking about hosted solutions, these typically need no coding; you lease the software, and you can integrate it into your application. Open-source platforms are more of customisable and less expensive, but they often demand coding skills and may not possess as many features. So, the decision falls upon you to take. For now, have a look at some of the alternatives that you should know about. These competitors of walkme offer a diversity of features without requiring developer-level technical knowledge and skills:


Whatfix is a good one and it Integrates seamlessly with your application to provide you with contextualised walk-throughs and self-help materials that is relevant to your role and where you are in the application. It is an easy to use and user-friendly platform.  Moreover, Whatfix consistently gets higher ratings than other options on review platforms in the categories right from customer support to that of ease of use to overall features and functionality.

Moreover, even if you are a beginner in this technology world, you won’t struggle here. Tiling about the installation of this platform, you won’t suffer. Though walkme installation asks for some technical knowledge, beginning with Whatfix is as easy as adding a browser extension. You won’t be troubled at all. Moreover, once you create walk-throughs, Whatfix automatically produces the information in manifold content formats, like slideshows and videos. Hence, it gets simpler for you to do your tasks.


Native-looking integration simply denotes that as a user, you have a consistent experience no matter where you are in your application. However, remember that the guidance is mainly limited to onboarding rather than that of ongoing training and adoption. Moreover, if you compare it to Walkme, it possesses a higher overall rating than that of walkme, and even better scores for ease of use, features, customer support, and functionality, and value for money. 

However, you must not forget that just like Pendo, Appcues is customer-focused and even offers more features for product development and onboarding customers, rather than that of employee training.


You can use Pendo to create and come up with more engaging products. In this platform, you need not to know any sort of coding.  It offers you onboarding walk-throughs and the capability to gather feedback in-app  and is usually designed for product managers to aid them understand product usage.  However, remember that the installation of this platform does demand some technical background. Well, though both walkme and Pendo provide in-app training and good guidance, Pendo is far more concentrated on customer-facing use cases than that of on employee training. As a result, it is a brilliant platform for both customer insights and analytics, but it does not really offer as many guidance features as that of walkme or Whatfix.


It is something that permits direct messaging to users, so you can easily provide support and collect feedback in-app. Actually, Userlane works really well for both employee and customer onboarding and training. It is a somewhat easier to implement than that of walkme, and you can easily run it on any kind of browser-based application. However, though it has virtually the same core features as that of walkme, Userlane does not really provide you with as many user interfaces (UI) elements. SO, you need to be thoughtful there.


To sum up, since you have an idea about different popular alternatives of Walkme, it is now time that you make a choice. Your decision would depend on your needs, expectations, and usage.

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