Packing Advice When You’re Moving Home

Packing Advice When You’re Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful experience, but thankfully there are ways you can make the process considerably easier and worry-free. One of the most essential parts of moving is packing so, when you’re next moving home, hire to make the process of arranging and storing your belongings effortless for you and your family.

First step – declutter

It can come as quite a surprise just how much junk you’ve accumulated over the years – and typically, we only see the full extent when we think about moving. There’s no point paying to move items you’re never going to use again in your new home, so, before even thinking about packing, do a thorough clear-out of your house – including those places you seldom visit like the attic or basement. You’ll likely be quite shocked just how much stuff you’ve collected over time.   

Try to decide where your furniture is going to go

Before moving, you should evaluate the furniture you currently have and try to work out where each item will go in your new home. The seller of the new property should have provided layouts with room sizes which will allow you to plan where items will go. This is particularly important if you’re downsizing, where you’ll often find you simply don’t have space for all your previous furniture. If you plan this process far enough in advance, you should have time to sell the items you don’t want or can’t take for a fair price online. 

Work out which is more economical – to use a removal firm or make the move yourself

If you currently live in a small apartment or home, you may well find the cheapest option is to simply take a DIY approach to the removal, hire a van and enlist the help of a few friends to aid with your move. Alternatively, if you live in a larger home of four rooms or more, you’ll probably find the work a little too much and would benefit from using a removal firm. Also, a removal firm is definitely the better choice if you’re moving long-distance, perhaps to another state or even another country where pallet shipping will probably be needed to transport your furniture and belongings safely. 

Pack your valuables and breakables first

If you have items of high value or that are breakable, you should pack these first with bubble wrap or extra packaging to give them more protection. Also, if you’re using a removal firm, you’ll need to first check their insurance policy on valuable items to make sure you’re covered. You should also mark the boxes as containing valuable or breakable goods, so the removal firm is aware of the contents. However, if you’re in any doubt about insurance coverage or the skills of your removal team to take adequate precautions, you should consider moving these items manually by car.

Remember not to overfill boxes

Whether you’re using a removal firm or making a move yourself, the last thing you want to contend with is heavy boxes that run the risk of splitting or causing injury. Resist the temptation to overpack boxes and instead try to spread heavier items over multiple boxes rather than grouping them in a single box.  

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