The Ultimate Fails: How Censors Dorked Up Metallica’s Live Performance


Metallica is one of the most iconic metal bands in history, having achieved worldwide fame and critical adoration with its passionate performances and powerful sound. But while they may be hailed as leaders of the metal movement, when it comes to live performances, they’re not always so perfect. In a recent performance of their classic hit ‘Master of Puppets’ during a concert in China, Metallica experienced a hilarious yet unfortunate blunder, courtesy of the often-evil hand of the censors.

The night started out as normal for the band, but as the opening strains of ‘Master of Puppets’ began to swell, it was immediately apparent that something was amiss. It became clear that somebody had decided to censor the performance, removing all of the recognizable guitar licks and replacing them with an ineffectual squeak. Though the audience responded with confusion, Metallica soldiered on, deciding to improvise and play the song the best they could with their instruments suddenly silenced.

Unsurprisingly, the performance flopped, leaving the audience confused and unsatisfied. Metallica were quick to address the incident and promised they would revisit the censored segments in their next performance. As to who was behind the censorship, that remains a mystery. But  hopefully, in time, they will learn the meaning of “The ultimate fails”.

Shock and Horror: When Censors Botch Metallica’s Live Show

It’s always deeply unsettling when censorship goes too far. In the most recent example, Metallica’s live show in Hong Kong, part of their Asian tour, was reportedly censored due to the presence of explicit language. What’s particularly shocking about this incident is the extent to which the censors went. Not only were all four-letter words removed, but the censors reportedly even changed the lyrics of one of Metallica’s most iconic songs, ‘Enter Sandman’.

The incident has rightly sparked criticism and strong reactions from fans across the world. After all, Metallica is a veteran artist who have released some of the most beloved heavy metal and hard rock albums of all time. When censors intervene, it’s not just disrespectful of their artistry but disrespectful of their fans, who come to the show wanting to experience the music the way it was intended to be heard.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Censorship of Metallica’s live shows has been going on for some time, especially in countries in Asia, where there are stricter controls on music and entertainment, even if they are aimed at avoiding offense to cultural values.

This case shows why it’s so important for authorities to carefully consider  the impact of overzealous censorship. When censors go too far, it not only disrespects the integrity of the artist, but also takes away an essential part of the experience of their fans. Metallica should not be censored in this way, and their fans should be allowed to experience their music in its unedited form. Doing anything less is a disservice to both the artist and their fans.

Censors Laughably Censor Metallic’s Live Show

Metallic, the hip-hop trio from New York City, recently played one of the most talk-about sets of the current season. Chock full of explicit lyrics, adult themes, and edgy humor, Metallic had the crowd in stitches and on their feet throughout their performance. But it seems that their enthusiasm was too much for the censors. 

A variety of media outlets report that the censors were playing an active role throughout the set, desperately cutting out any jokes or remarks that they found too risqué. Metallic’s wit was difficult to contain, however, and the censors had to turn off the live feed several times throughout the set. Audience members were apparently left in stitches at the sight of the censors frantically trying to keep up with their dirtiest lines. 

It’s unclear what the long-term fallout will be from the show. It’s possible that the censors will take a more heavy-handed approach in the future, or that Metallic won’t be allowed to perform on certain channels. For now, though, the hip-hop trio’s loyal fans are simply talking about how Metallic managed to still bring the house down, despite the censors’ best efforts. It’s  definitely a show that will be remembered for years to come.


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