How To Boost Your Jewellery Casting And Prototyping Company By Software Automation

Jewellery Casting


There are several different methods used by companies in the field of corporate management. Digitization makes the management tightly controlled and computerized. Four other processes are currently available: 

  • Manual administration.
  • Digital management with limited use of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Using non-casting management software.
  • Unique casting applications for high-level operations control, such as process optimization.

Software automation benefits

High-level automation provides a significant competitive edge to an organization. You may also automatically execute the business management if you’re using casting-specific software.  You can also anticipate less time consumption and more user-friendly practice. 

Jewellery businesses usually provide different services, including 3d modelling, casting, shaping, polishing, plating, and even finishing, from CAD layout. Such facilities are exact to this sector, so more obstacles are associated with the introduction of a generic ERP or maybe a management solution specific to non-jewellery.

These are the core software automation procedures,

Automatically follow instructions

Users of software automation generally accept orders via a customer portal on the Web. This website enables customers to send orders at a particular time, not just during working hours. Because all the specifics can be provided through the portal, the entire process is automated. Emailing and time spent on the phone are entirely removed and that is why clients prefer to receive orders or quotations quickly and conveniently. In real-time, ERP software for jewelry business is linked to the web portal so that dual input is not required. 

Speedy price comparison

This method can be done by jewelry ERP solution since the cost of a quote, or a work order can be calculated using unique price formulas. It includes updating metal prices, markups or special offers, fees, and volumetric pricing for orders. Once the price estimate is synchronized between software automation and the customer portal, your customers’ approval or rejection options are active. The commitment is small; for all parties, the whole procedure is simple and convenient.

Automatic order tracking

The majority of steps in working duration require a specific type of input, which is ideally efficiently stored and called up at any time. There are several methods for keeping these details while anyone uses Excel spreadsheets. Application processing can not only store data but can also pop it up as a prerequisite for the customer when transferring the order into or out of a specific program.

Tracking metal loss

Metal loss may be due to standard processing, human error, or robbery. Automation programs minimize human mistakes or theft and monitor all-natural errors reliably. Managers know precisely when and how many metals were lost when they worked with metals. jewelry ERP solution can generate the appropriate amount of metal required to complete the process and monitors how much will be re-entered in the inventory. 

Stock monitoring  

Your inventory will frequently change if you are a casting company. Metals are collected, used, mixed, and reused from the inventory. Meanwhile, you try and keep your stock balanced so that when a new order comes in, there are always enough raw materials. Tracking inventory cannot be carried out manually. It can be programmed instead.

Without human intervention, software automation can monitor inventory actions in real-time. When ordering, it can remove metals and warn you if stock levels are low. It also has a function that can generate purchasing orders based on actual production orders. Inventory automation software is pretty impressive and saves you a great deal of time and costs.

Client updates

This function is handled effectively by the product engineering consumer portal. Since the jobs and their workflows in ERP software for jewelry business have been precisely tracked, it is breezy to synchronize this data with the client portal.

Customers can log in and in virtual environments, see the percentage of work completion, shipments, and other details. This approach fits quite well in casting companies with machine automation. Your customers love this tool because the entire process is flexible.


Many reputed gems have announced a substantial increase in the number of orders, fewer errors, and an improvement in their total customer service. So this is the best approach as consumers return only with satisfaction. The right software solutions can lead to a positive direction in the business.

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