How To Use A Virtual Number To Create Fake Accounts

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Many services on the internet require users to verify their new account with a phone number via SMS before registration. This not only helps prevent spam, but also helps confirm the user’s identity. Social media services such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. all now use this function. Other services like PayPal, Google, etc. do this to improve security.

Yes, these things do help tech companies to prevent spam and abuse, but there are some users who do not want to enter their personal numbers on any online site. And I understand them very well, because not all companies do good business.

Some companies sell phone numbers to third parties to promote affiliate products. This is one of the reasons why you receive spam and telemarketing calls on your personal phone.

What is a virtual phone number to receive SMS?

Virtual cell phone numbers are cell phone numbers that do not have a physical SIM-card. Nevertheless, this number can be used for various normal functions, such as receiving SMS. 

Virtual phone numbers are very important to some users on the Internet. Because they are often used to verify and creation of accounts in social networks without having to buy an additional SIM-card first. 

Benefits of using a virtual numbers for SMS:

Here are some of the main benefits of using a virtual phone number for SMS:

  • Absolute anonymity – with a real phone number it’s quite easy to find out basic information about its owner (address, contacts, place of work, etc.). With virtual number it’s impossible to find out additional information about the user.
  • Tamper-proof – a virtual phone number does not expose your IP address, account numbers or other financial information stored on your phone to cybercriminals.
  • Active recurring participation in promotions and free valuable prizes – Companies often run lucrative promotions that restrict a person to registering from a single number at a time. If a virtual number is used for this purpose, bonuses can be collected indefinitely, either for personal use or for sale to other users.
  • Bypassing regional bans – some projects restrict access to the resource to residents of certain regions. This is not only a political nuance, but also the copyright of the site to work with the population from a particular locality. There are also problems with text message delivery from the Russian Federation to other countries around the world. A virtual phone number allows you to bypass all these restrictions and send SMS to any part of the world.
  • Register an unlimited number of accounts in social networks and messengers. Registration on Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram and others requires a phone number. One account – one phone number. With Virtual Numbers you can get an unlimited number of mobile numbers to register. 

How to get a virtual phone number for SMS

  1. Register at – enter your e-mail address and come up with a password. 
  2. After logging in, select the country code from which you want to generate the virtual number and the service for which you want to receive an SMS
  3. The user tops up their account (if required), chooses the service and purchases/requests the number by clicking on the purchase button next to the service
  4. Window appears in the service’s personal profile with the number to copy;
  5. The user copy and paste a phone number in the app to register and receives an SMS with a confirmation code;
  6. The user presses the “Get SMS” button in personal cabinet. After which the user sees received SMS message (confirmation code);
  7. Now all that remains is to copy the code and complete the registration with it.

So, this is the best method for creating virtual mobile phone numbers for registration. With this service you can generate an unlimited number of virtual phone numbers and use them to receive SMS.

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