Must Have Accessories to Invest in With your Hot Tub in Hampshire

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The replacement for the hot tub bath experience is still not found. The moment you step into a tub filled with perfect temperature water, your favorite salts and bubbles covering you up, it makes you forget every once of stress your mind or body holds. That is why people invest in hot tubs in Hampshire.

If you want to make your experience even better, there are a few accessories that you must invest in. 

List of hot tub Accessories 

Spa steps

One of the most crucial hot tub accessories you can buy is a good pair of spa steps. Getting in and out of the tub without steps is inconvenient, laborious, and potentially dangerous. There are a variety of models to choose from, ranging from one to four steps, with some even including a storage area for spa chemicals and other small equipment. Some of the larger steps have railings to help with entry and exit. This makes your entry and exits much safer as steps eliminate the risk of slipping as you place wet feet on the floor. 

Cover lift 

A spa or hot tub is designed to soothe your muscles and relieve aches and pains. It’s pointless to undo everything by battling with the hot tub cover. We have some exciting news: there is a hot tub accessory that can help you solve your problem! Hot tub cover lifts make getting the cover on and off the spa a breeze. Cover lifts also assist prevent unintentional damage to your spa cover when it is not in use.


Aromatherapy sets the mood for any bathing experience, from joyful and fruity to restful and restorative. It just makes the whole hot tub experience much more enjoyable and you wouldn’t want to get out this heavenly feel. The most common varieties of aromatherapy items are liquid and crystal form. Both these forms are carefully formulated specially to be used for hot tubs, which means, these formulations won’t mess with the water chemistry or won’t clog the filter with its oil residue. 

The lifters

It will become heavy, bulky, and subject to damage if you leave your hot tub cover on the ground every time you use it. With the help of cover lifters, which keep the covers off the ground, hot tub users may easily remove and replace their covers. If you’re tempted to buy an inexpensive cover lifter, remember that you’ll have to use it every time you use your hot tub. Buying a cheap hot tub for sale can work, but for a lifter, a spa-specific cover lifter that is well-built and durable is the better alternative.


Umbrellas are not only a beautiful addition to your hot tub area, but they also serve a very useful role. This hot tub addition keeps direct sunlight off of your face as you relax, making mid-day soaks much more comfortable. A variety of hot tub umbrellas can be directly mounted to the hot tub while some of them are attached to the metal plate and the plate is sliding underneath the hot tub. A specific umbrella known as cantilever patio umbrellas connected to a heavy base are the most popular pick as these are ideal to be used anywhere on the patio awnings.

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