Tips to Prepare for IELTS Online Effectively: Here’s How Personal Mentors can Help You Out

Prepare for IELTS Online Effectively

The IELTS exam is conducted to assess an individual’s English language proficiency in order to study, work or migrate to foreign countries. It is basically one of the parameters to attain any of the former. IELTS Ninja brings to you the tips on how to prepare for the IELTS online effectively and how personal mentors can help you out during the preparation process.

The IELTS preparation can be thoroughly done online by connecting to personal mentors who will guide you and polish your skills through tasks and tests. Having a personal mentor during the preparation for the IELTS exam gives backup support for any sort of query or help that may arise during the learning process. Read along to find out more about the perks of having one.

Here’s How Personal Mentors at IELTS Ninja can bring You Closer to Your Desired Band Score

Having a personal mentor makes clearing doubts and learning fundamentals easier for a person. A mentor will guide on how the existing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills can be sharpened for a better IELTS band score. A mentor picks on the strengths and puts them to the most effective use for brilliant results. 

Identifying the strengths also means finding the weaknesses, and ensuring that they do not repeat in the examination. Working on the weaknesses is more important so as to be careful of not-to-be-repeated mistakes, and that is what a personal mentor at IELTS Ninja helps you with.Amit IELTS Ninja

Amit  writes in his review, “I felt hopeless when I failed miserably to score band 7 in 2017 IELTS speaking and writing test. But then I came to know about IELTS Ninja. I still feel thankful to God for making me come across the best personal mentor at IELTS Ninja. I got immense support from my personal mentor. She made me feel confident about defeating the challenge which I once thought was insurmountable.”

Creating a Systematic Plan 

IELTS Ninja mentors provide a systematic plan to be followed while preparing for the IELTS exam. This involves daily tasks and assignments, weekly tests, progress marking, and creating customized learning material. These help in building a consistency and ensures that the preparation is always moving forward, and not staying constant. 

Rigorous amounts of practice and repeated exercises will train the person to stay cautious of errors, and improve the language skills at the same time. A progressive plan created by the mentor makes you learn better lexical resources, improve the vocabulary and pronunciation, avoid grammatical errors, and improve cohesion and coherence. 

Indrani IELTS Ninja

Indrani writes in her review. “I can not thank my personal mentor enough for making my dream come true. The way she kept on encouraging me constantly not only boosted my confidence level but also made me devote myself completely in the IELTS exam preparation. The systematic study plan that I received at IELTS Ninja is the best ever solution for anyone wanting to achieve a good band score.”

One-on-One Interaction

A classroom learning setup involves multiple students learning from a mentor. On the contrary, having a personal mentor at IELTS Ninja provides one-on-one interaction and you can ask any number of queries and doubts right at the spot with no hesitation. The mentor will guide in a proper manner and will surely solve each and every issue with efficiency and satisfaction. This will also help in nurturing the skills for better performance.

The personal mentor will serve as a motivational figure to keep you going and always be supportive at the time of need. Strengthening the skills and making you confident enough to speak up at every point is the absolute objective of the mentor, and it is up to you to make the most of it.Pritii IELTS Ninja

Pritii, a student of IELTS Ninja writes in her review. “The lessons my personal mentor at IELTS Ninja has imparted helped me immensely. The progress I can see in my communication skill is unbelievable.”

Coping Up with Personal Learning Pace

Each person’s pace of learning and grasping context is different, and the mentor flexibly adapts to the learner’s pace. This will ensure that no topic is left uncovered by ruling out hasty learning. There are four major dimensions in the IELTS exam, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing and each one of these require individual focus. 

Some learners may be strong in one area, or more than one, or none at all. It is the responsibility of the mentor to ensure perfection in each area by creating a balanced learning plan. So, you have to never worry about missing out on any important step while being mentored personally.

Ruchi Kapadia IELTS Ninja

Ruchi Kapadia, a satisfied student of IELTS Ninja says in her review, “I feel blessed to have a personal trainer who completely understands my area of concern and constantly guides me in the proper way to bring the best of myself. The one-to-one mode of teaching at IELTS Ninja is something that really gave my preparation the required boost.”

Constant Feedback and Progress Checking

Different tasks and tests at regular intervals make it easier to track the progress of learning. Personal mentor at IELTS Ninja keeps a record of the results and marks of each mock exercise that is conducted. This helps in delivering timely feedback so that any errors can be rectified and worked on.

You will get totally familiar with the marking pattern and will be able to perform accordingly in each and every section. Positive feedback will help in boosting confidence, and there will be no perplexity while giving the exam. The mentor makes sure that you learn multiple skills during the course of learning.

Ron shares IELTS Ninja

Ron shares in his review of IELTS Ninja, “The personal mentorship has helped me immensely. I feel so confident now. Along with the personal mentorship, another thing that I like about IELTS Ninja is their structured study plan.

The classes at IELTS Ninja are properly planned to make sure that each and every student completes the course at the right pace.”

How to Choose The Right Personal Mentor for IELTS Preparation?

A good mentor will surely not do miracles overnight, but he/she will provide remarkable assistance in getting the band score of your dreams. To choose the right personal mentor is the first step towards achieving your dream band score.

The right mentor should have a solid knowledge of band descriptors of each IELTS task. The mentors at India’s first personalized IELTS training provider, IELTS Ninja are well knowledgeable, have a complete understanding of the fundamentals, and have a comprehensible approach. The mentors here are reviewed on various parameters and are picked after a thorough screening process. 

The trainers at IELTS Ninja have experience of training more than 100 students. Outstanding communication skills, IELTS certification and many 8+ band holder students are some of their added features.

Will Personal Mentors be better Than Self Learning?

The answer to this question is a big YES. The personal mentor’s job is to identify the strengths and weaknesses and convert them into a solid set of skills. Expert personal mentor at IELTS Ninja will help you with feedback, track your progress and will also solve your queries in an elaborate manner. The personal mentor will provide a more focussed and less time consuming path of learning whereas the self learning method will just baffle you due to the sheer amount of material that is available online as well as offline.


To conclude, having personal mentors for preparation of the IELTS exam is a really beneficial thing to do. A good mentor will greatly improve your performance and ensure that you attain a really good band score.

Hopefully, this article helped you with your doubts on personal mentorship for IELTS and enriched you with valuable and worthy tips. To get a real experience of how personal mentorship can help with your IELTS preparation, you can visit IELTS Ninja and get a Free Trial for yourself. All the best!

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