‘Stranger Things’ Supporters on TikTok Have an Intriguing Eddie Munson Idea

‘Stranger Things’ Supporters on TikTok Have an Intriguing Eddie Munson Idea


Losing a beloved fictional character can be devastating. For sure fans of Netflix’s Stranger Issues, the show’s period 4 finale is however a supply of deep grief. On TikTok, some enthusiasts are so bereft, they’re coming up with theories about how one particular character in certain could come back again right after seemingly dying. 

Get in touch with it creativity. Call it the first phase in Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ fives levels of grief. Either way, you will find some desperate thrashing about in hopes that this just one character could possibly reside to see a further day in Hawkins. Immediately after all, it would not be the very first pretend out the clearly show has pulled. 

Of all theories, although, there’s a single that in fact has a shred of logic, even if it is nevertheless rife with denial. Browse on at your have possibility. Huge spoilers forward.



Eddie wake up

Arguably, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) — the D&D loving, Lord of the Rings-referencing, metalhead with a heart of gold, has been the breakaway character of the time. Eddie finds himself wrongly accused of the death of cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien), and he can take up with the Hawkins children to shield the city. 

Woefully, expensive Eddie isn’t going to make it. In the method of drawing the interest of the demobats, and standing his floor in get to give his good friends sufficient time to assault the murderous Vecna somewhere else in the Upside Down, the bats overwhelm him and he dies in Dustin’s arms.

It can be a real waterworks fest, honestly. 

Afterward, no just one appeared too shaken up about Eddie’s dying other than Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo). TikTok is a different story. You will find no lack of tributes. Sad songs more than montages of clips from the period. Persons leaving remarks like: “I could not quit crying,” “I legit cried abt this demise scene” and “devastated he didn’t get to remain extended.” TikTok clips speaking about Eddie’s dropped foreseeable future — at last graduating, having children, observing Lord of the Rings in the theater. 

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How Eddie could return in time 5

Because the net is the web, it is difficult to pin down specifically who first floated this admirer principle about how Eddie may well appear back in time 5

On TikTok, consumer @.dizay posted an strategy that appears fairly plausible, which was then expanded on by @paulruddfanclub in a movie that has more than 2.7 million views.

@.dizay The foreshadowing uuuhhh #eddiemunson#strangerthings#strangerthings4#vecna#strangerthingstheory#strangerthingstheories#concept#theories#fyp#fypシ#foryou#viral♬ original seem – Yazid
@paulruddfanclub#sew with @.dizay truly believed i was in denial at to start with until eventually i bought to thinking… #fyp#strangerthings#strangerthings4#eddiemunson#vecna#foryoupage#josephquinn#dufferbrothers♬ authentic audio – paulruddfanclub

It goes like this: D&D character Kas the Bloody-Handed was a resurrected lieutenant of Vecna’s who turned on Vecna and killed him. He also transpired to be a vampire. The idea then follows the classic plan that (vampire) bat bites can turn folks into vampires, and Eddie was bitten by demobats. On TikTok, some have pointed out that Steve Harrington was also bitten, but defenders of the theory say he would’ve essential to die in purchase to arrive again as a vampire. And Eddie died. 

Kas and Eddie also share a couple of commonalities, which enthusiasts are hoping sum to the foreshadowing of Eddie’s return. For 1, Kas uses a sword and shield, which Eddie much more or fewer employed (even though, technically he was holding a spear, if you want to get picky about it). TikToker @jadenbricker also pointed out the random sword Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) picked up in a scene shortly prior to Eddie’s demise. (That sword, by the way, is the sword from the Conan films.) Eddie also has bat tattoos on his arm, which some feel has a linked that means. As well as, the Hellfire Club stated Kas in the match they played before in the year.

The remark portion on @paulruddfanclub’s movie is far more than 11,000 deep.

“For my very own sanity, I am likely to now entirely imagine this concept,” 1 man or woman wrote.

Yet another said, “MANIFEST IT MANIFEST IT.”

And an additional would not thoughts the phony out: “I generally loathe when movies and reveals backtrack on deaths but I might totally settle for this specially if Eddie himself slays Vecna.”

Is Eddie definitely lifeless?

Hey. In your coronary heart? Never. Clearly show runners the Duffer Brothers feel to appreciate foreshadowing and absolutely have fooled audiences right before. But in an job interview on the Happy Unfortunate Baffled podcast, host Josh Horowitz asked, “Eddie Munson? Officially useless?” To which one brother replied, “yes,” and the other stated, “sadly, yeah.” Later on in the interview, they talked about how Eddie was often designed to be a tragic character. Even if he’d survived the Upside Down, there would not be considerably upcoming for him in a town that observed him as a Satan-worshiping assassin. Probabilities feel trim that he will get his fortunately-ever-soon after ending. 

Ross Duffer did notify Collider, however, that the year 5 writer’s room will not get started right up until August. Possibly there is certainly nevertheless time to produce to your senator and demand from customers justice for Eddie. 

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