7 Key Benefits of Using Temporary Staffing For Your Business

temporary staffing

For a large number of businesses, recruiting skilled labour is a long, expensive and often stressful process. But did you know there is a simple solution that can solve all your needs and provide the perfect worker for you every time? Well, there is. Whether your business requires staff to work the odd shift or work on a project, skilled labour hire will help solve all your labour needs.

Labour hire reduces the time and cost of hiring employees by providing your business with workers who can be put to work immediately. Temporary staffing agencies match available workers with companies that are looking for workers. If you have not considered this option before, here are ten great reasons why hiring temporary staff just makes perfect sense for your business:

1. Reduced costs.

Labour hire effectively shortens the hiring process by eliminating most of the steps such as advertisement for positions, CV evaluation, conducting interviews, initial training and induction among other recruitment obligations.

In addition to this, labour hire smoothens out labour supply meaning that you don’t need to keep an excess number of permanent employees for that one time you require them. Because the hiring process is swift and effective, you can keep a core workforce of permanent employees and bring in temps for projects or to help out during high demand. You, therefore, won’t have to pay for employees you don’t need.

Employer obligations such as payment of wages, worker’s compensation insurance, superannuation, payroll tax and record keeping are also taken care of by the labour hire firm. Wages payments are made by the labour hire firm as are all employee administrative overheads and record keeping. This frees your company to concentrate on its core mandate and reduce administration costs.

2. Reduced training expenses

Sometimes even after a lot of effort has been put in finding the right person to fill a position, extra training is required to tailor their skills to meet the specific requirements of your business – this training costs money. With labour hire, however, every worker provided in addition to the standard screening is checked for compatibility to ensure they possess the exact qualifications, skills and experience that you require. This helps reduce downtime significantly as workers can start the job straight away.

3. Time Saving.

With activities such as preparing job descriptions, advertising for vacant positions, shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking, the entire recruitment process consumes a lot of time. By the time you get the perfect worker to fill a position, the need for an extra worker could be over and you might have missed out on servicing a customer or meeting a deadline – a significant loss. By tapping into a labour hire firm’s resource pool, you are guaranteed of skilled labour to fulfil your business needs at all times. Time is money; it’s worth saving.

4. Workforce flexibility.

Businesses in blue-collar industries usually experience seasonal fluctuations in demand for products and services. Whether your business is in mining, hospitality or construction, there are times when demand is not adequate to occupy your entire permanent workforce. This is not only financially difficult for the business, but can also cause demotivation and loss of momentum for employees.

With labour hire, you can maintain a lean permanent workforce and increase it when the need arises with on-hired workers. It provides you with the ability to adjust your workforce quickly, which gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing workloads at a moment’s notice.  This ensures that your workforce is at an optimum level at all times depending on your current workload, keeping your labour costs low while ensuring customer satisfaction.

5. Expertise and experience.

Workers provided by your labour hire agency have already worked for other companies in your industry and will bring the wealth of experience they have acquired to your organization. The fresh and new approaches they bring could be exactly what your business requires to get to the next level.

On-hired staff will also provide the skillsets you require for one-off projects that you may lack in-house. It’s a cheaper alternative to training your employees for a skill that will not be required again after the project is complete.

6. Specialized recruitment.

Employment recruiting companies specialize in providing manpower, that’s what they do. Scion staffing understands the intricacies of the labour market in all fields and industries. Leveraging an expert to help you find temporary staffing for your business or project will ensure that you get the best employees to suit your specific needs.

7. Efficiency.

Labour hire firms maintain large databases of skilled workers who have already undergone a rigorous assessment and have prior work experience. The firm is, therefore, able to provide high-quality workers for your business who are ready to begin work immediately. And because of their large database, workers can be provided in bulk without compromising quality. This effectively reduces downtime due to labour shortages.

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