The Changing Face of Biometric Attendance in India

The Changing Face of Biometric Attendance in India

Technology has made all the existing systems faced paced while the Coronavirus pandemic brought the whole world to a grinding halt. The widespread of the fatal virus has uncovered by the current world with a wide crisis and has necessitated a revolutionary technology to cover-up the existing ones.

The biometric attendance, which was considered an advanced method to mark the recognition of the employees, has suddenly become an obsolete method. It is also lethal, as the finger touch-based biometric attendance carries a huge risk of affecting people with the deadly coronavirus. So to cease the spread of COVID-19, corporate and government offices have suspended contact-based biometric time and attendance systems.

However, the management and upkeep of employee attendance are essential for any company and enterprise. Most organizations have therefore gone back to manual attendance, which is susceptible to error and difficult to manage, particularly for medium and large organizations.

It led to the innovation of contactless biometric attendance systems. Employees can mark their attendance without touching any surface, using facial recognition technology. There is an array of touchless biometric attendance systems in the market. And while just preventing the virus spread, it has several other benefits, which makes it a panacea for all hitherto problems with the previous attendance system.

Advantages of Using the Touchless Biometric Attendance System

There are reliable brands like KENT that offer a touchless biometric attendance system named CamAttendance that uses AI-based computer vision to record employees’ attendance. Let’s check out the advantages of such a biometric attendance system:

  • Mask Detection Feature

It is a groundbreaking feature that makes KENT CamAttendance perfect for securing office premises. With this feature, you can easily keep a check on your employees, if they are following the safety protocol of wearing a mask or not. 

KENT CamAttendance comes with a mask compliance option, where it works both ways, either with the mask on or without the mask. The AI-based algorithm allows the user to customize the device according to the location of the office. If the office is located in the red zone containment area and has a high risk of getting infected, then it allows the employee to mark recognition with the mask on their face as well.

The best part of this device is that this feature can be enabled and disabled as per the organization’s preference.  

  • Secure Cloud Network

A cloud-based touchless biometric attendance system provides people with a reliable and safe attendance system. Cloud computing boosts the biometrics adoption process, as it allows convenient storage and data access anywhere, anywhere. After purchasing the device you only need to pay for the storage capacity. This cloud-based storage space makes it a tech-savvy and advanced version of the biometric attendance system.

In short, you pay as per the plan you use. You chose a plan depending on the need for suits your work and office. You can scale up or down your plan. For businesses with a fluctuating or seasonal workforce, this type of attendance system can be extremely helpful.

Such a device can be centrally controlled from the ubiquitous cloud, and data are recorded in real-time. In this way, the HR team members can view all data from the cloud and securely generate employee attendance.

  • User-Friendly Mobile Application

In this modern era, when everything is on your fingertips via the digital world, then how can the attendance system be left out? 

With next-generation touchless biometric attendance systems like KENT CamAttendance, you get a user-friendly mobile app to boost employees’ friendly attendance system. They use facial recognition and geo-fencing technology supported by the app to mark attendance. You can mark your office location for the employees through the geofence option of the office. They can scan their face through the app while parking the car or waiting for the lift to record their attendance instantly, and thus saves their precious time, in turn, helps the organization boost productivity. 

Upgrade Your Attendance System Today

The COVID -19 outbreak has spurred a move from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition systems, to cease the spread of the deadly virus from the office premises. It also enables employee access across India’s offices. However, when choosing a touchless biometric attendance system for your office, you should always look for next-generation devices like KENT CamAttendance. They offer state-of-the-art features such as real person detection, high accuracy, speed, AI-based alerts, seamless integration with the pre-existing HRMS, and what not!  

If you want to know more about this product, call their salesperson for a free demo to know the specifications and functionalities better.

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