The Power of Storytelling for Businesses

The Power of Storytelling for Businesses

Pick up any successful business and you will find people, products, and consumers who can tell you a thousand stories about the brand. The power of storytelling is so profound that it captures people’s attention immediately and gets them emotionally and mentally hooked. The best communicators in the world are those who are masters at storytelling and they swear by its power to breakthrough any discourse or conflict.

If businesses can leverage storytelling and connect with people through these stories, then there is a very good chance they will win over customers and clients with ease. Take a look at how storytelling can help businesses grow and expand.

Business Pitch

When you come up with a business idea, there is always a story linked to it. Now it is in your hands to use this story creatively and gain the audience’s trust. Facebook for example has such a captivating story that there is an entire movie based on it. The trick to selling your business through stories is to make the narrative relatable and attach an emotion to it. This way your audience will be able to relate to it and be compelled to try your brand.

You need to give your audience a reason worth investing in your product and service. Your audience should know your aim and motivation behind starting your business. What problem do you solve and why did you choose to solve it?

Marketing and Advertising

Video marketing and advertising are the two major platforms on which you can leverage storytelling in the most wholesome ways. Take an example of Imperial Blue’s “men will be men” campaign which has captured the attention of so many with its subtle humor and relatable set-up. Nike on the other hand makes videos showcasing empowered athletes who inspire others and tell an impactful story.

Unilever is another amazing example of how they spread powerful messages through their advertisements. Their Dove soap advertisements are very popular for breaking generic beauty standards and showing women as a real and unique beings with their individual stories.

Stories Speak Louder Than Numbers

When it comes to approaching clients and partners, the number might do the trick. However when it comes to people and consumers, then it is words and stories that leave a mark. A catchy jingle that becomes an earworm or a phrase that remains stuck in the head. This is how you reach people’s hearts and invite them to use your brand. Maggie, for example, has had so many competitors however people stick to it for its taste of course, and the everlasting “2mins” campaign.

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Storytelling has been used to impress people in all aspects of communication. A visual beyond plain facts is created in a reader’s mind when they read a story, which can be sparked further with actual video marketing strategies. Reaching out to an audience for business growth is a form of communication that can be perfected to achieve business targets.

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