Mastering the Wind Staff Code in Call of Duty: A guide

Mastering the Wind Staff Code in Call of Duty: A guide


Call of Duty, a renowned first-person shooter video game series, is known for its intense multiplayer action and engaging storylines. One of the standout features of the Zombies mode in some editions, such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops III,” is the inclusion of Elemental Staffs, with the Wind Staff being one of the most sought-after and powerful weapons. In this article, we will explore the Wind Staff Code, its origins, and how to unlock and utilize its formidable power to annihilate hordes of undead.

I. The Origins of the Elemental Staffs

The idea of Elemental Staffs dates back to the origins of the Zombies mode in Call of Duty. These ancient and mythical weapons were introduced to the narrative to enhance the gameplay experience and add an extra layer of complexity to the survival horror aspect of the game. The Elemental Staffs draw inspiration from various mythologies and are imbued with the powers of the elements – Wind, Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

II. Unveiling the Secrets of the Wind Staff Code

The Wind Staff is a highly coveted weapon among seasoned Call of Duty Zombie players due to its ability to decimate large groups of undead in a single shot. To harness the full potential of the Wind Staff, players must first decipher the Wind Staff Code. The Code can be found through a series of in-game Easter egg quests, involving the exploration of hidden areas and solving intricate puzzles. As players progress through the map, they will uncover ancient writings and drawings that hold clues to unlocking the power of the Wind Staff.

III. Steps to Unlock the Wind Staff

  • Finding the Staff Parts: The first step in acquiring the Wind Staff is to locate its scattered parts across the map. The Wind Staff is composed of three main pieces: the Hilt, the Base, and the Disk. Players must explore carefully to find each of these components.
  • Assembling the Staff: Once all the parts have been collected, players must navigate to a specific crafting table location and assemble the Wind Staff. This process requires precision and a keen eye to ensure the Staff is built correctly.
  • Charging the Staff: After constructing the Wind Staff, it is only a partially powered weapon. To unlock its full potential, players must charge it with the elemental essence of the wind. This involves interacting with particular elements or enemies in the game world, drawing their energy into the Staff.

IV. Unleashing the Power of the Wind Staff

With the Wind Staff now fully charged and ready for action, players can wield its devastating power against the relentless waves of zombies. The Wind Staff unleashes a powerful gust of wind that sweeps through the undead, knocking them off their feet and creating opportunities for strategic maneuvers or quick escapes.

The Staff’s charged shots can also be used to clear debris blocking pathways, revealing hidden areas, and activating various mechanisms crucial to progressing further in the game. Mastering the Wind Staff is an essential skill for high-level gameplay and can significantly increase a player’s chances of surviving the relentless zombie onslaught.


The Wind Staff Code in Call of Duty is a captivating and challenging aspect of the Zombies mode. Deciphering the Code and acquiring this powerful elemental weapon requires dedication, patience, and a thorough knowledge of the game’s mechanics. However, the rewards are well worth the effort, as the Wind Staff stands as a testament to a player’s skill and commitment to the game.

As Call of Duty continues to evolve and introduce new iterations, the legacy of the Elemental Staffs, including the Wind Staff, will continue to be a prominent feature for zombie-slaying enthusiasts. So, embark on the quest to uncover the Wind Staff Code and harness the elemental power to prevail against the undead hordes!

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