Tips to install TV On a Wall

Tips to install TV On a Wall


  • Select the right place to mount your TV

When picking the right location to mount your television, keep these points in mind:

  1. You have an electrical and cable outlet over there.
  2. If you want to mount your TV over a fireplace, then ensure that the cable outlet and electrical lines are towards the right or left of the fireplace.
  3. Also, ensure that there is a mantle to block the heat of the fireplace.
  4. If the outlet is 5ft high, then place a wall mount shelf to install your components.
  • Select the right TV mount

When choosing the right TV mount, keep these points in mind:

  1. Buy a stud finder from your nearest hardware store and look for the distance between the stud of where you wish to mount your television.
  2. Studs are majorly 16 inches, 24-inches or 32-inches apart according to your wall construction.
  3. Go for a TV mount which has wide wall plate so that you can use it on 2 studs. 
  4. Do not buy Flat TV mounts or you will have a tough time connecting the cables. 
  5. A tilting TV mount is great because it can easily tilt down and give you simple access to the back of your TV.
  • Hide the cables between your TV and components

When your home or condo is yours, there are two ways to conceal the wires. You can either hide the cables in the wall or hide them in wire molding which can sited on your wall surface. Hiding the cables in the wall looks great but is costlier and depends on your wall has been constructed. With the help of a stud finder, see if there aren’t any fire blocks between two studs. If there isn’t any, buy a power bridge to hire your cables in the walls and expand the electronic outlet right at the back of your television. If there are fire blocks between the studs, use wire molding to hide the cables.

  • Select the correct height to mount your TV

Find the right height to mount your TV. Once you have found the right height, use a painter’s tape, horizontally on the location and between the two studs. This is where your TV should be mounted.

  • Mount the TV

  1. With the help of stud finder, mark with painters’ tape where the studs are. 
  2. Put the TV mount plate horizontally.
  3. Use a pencil to mark the holes of the TV mount wall plate. 
  4. Now drill the hole.
  5. Now follow the instructions and punch the TV mount wall bracket and connect your HDMI cables through.
  6. Now place a blanket on the floor for your TV and place it with face down.
  7. Remove the hole covers from the back and screw in the hooks offered with your TV mount. 
  8. Finally, you have mounted your TV on the wall bracket.

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