Top 4: Most Popular Free Android Emulators To Use

Free Android Emulators

There are numerous rational reasons why a person would want to use an android emulator on their PC. Some gamers may prefer using a mouse and a keyboard when playing their games, or app developers may want to test their product before putting it up for display. 

It is worth noting that the process of installing an android operating system might get quite technical, and would consume some time. So, in this list, we will be enumerating some of the best free emulators for android, which you can use. 


BlueStacks has always been the pinnacle of android emulators, and this android emulator might arguably be the best known among all android users. This emulator is preferred by users for gaming and is extremely easy to set up. Other than the android play store, you have the choice of downloading BlueStacks optimized apps directly from the BlueStacks app store.

Android 7.1.2, or known as Nougat, is BlueStacks’ present operating system. This android emulator exceeds other android emulators, though, you may still observe some lags, mainly on inadequate computers. The best thing about BlueStacks 3.0 is that it enables you to run more than one android app or game at the same time.

So, to sum it all up. BlueStacks is the finest emulator if all you want is to play android games on your personal computers, but is still useful for other purposes if you’re not into hardcore gaming. The new update is the first and only virtual representation platform that runs on Android 7, while most of the others only run on Android 4.4.


Genymotion may not be your traditional android emulator for PC. It is mainly used by developers and lets them test their applications on numerous virtual devices with various versions of android operating systems. This android emulator is mainly compatible with Android Studio, and Android SDK, but also can be used for people using macOS and Linux.

This emulator lets you switch between devices with ease, and even without the need to own the devices. This android emulator is perfect for people who are into developing android games on their computers and has a lot of features which are all developer-friendly. 


As with all free android emulators, you might notice some ads here and there, but this emulator is focused on delivering gaming experience like no other with its lightweight software, and lag-free gaming. This emulator utilizes a new technology called the x86 Kernel that would make it quicker and better than any other emulators. 

Koplayer can be used with a mouse and keyboard making its gaming session more enjoyable for users. It also has an additional feature for the camera that lets you record your gaming period, and the ability to take screenshots. 


ARChon emulator can be quite different from all the other android emulators in comparison. It can be used on Google Chrome only as an extension that would enable you to use android apps by using your browser.

Although it can’t be used for gaming to the greatest extent, it is superb for downloading android apps on your PC with all the thanks to its uncomplicated nature, and easy access. So, why would you choose this, you ask? Installing it is extremely easy and is the best for productivity apps.


So, there you have it. Have you already decided which android emulator you would be using? Now you know some of the best free emulators that you can use for either app developing, app testing, or just for plain gaming. The emulators on this list are all worth trying.

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