Why is it Important to Consider all Choices Before Starting a Degree Course?

Degree Course

Education is the process of helping a person to learn or accumulate knowledge, skills, beliefs, and values. There are a lot of methods involved in educating a person from teaching and training to storytelling and discussion, and at the highest level directed research but this is mostly for people who would want to pursue a career in research and development. Most commonly, education is imparted in an educational institution, and educational institutions have been around for a really long time.

All over the world, there are universities that are over a century old and these are some of the most trusted universities by people. In the country of India, Maharaja’s Collegeis one of the oldest universities that has been providing the students with technical education. This college was established in the year 1916 by the then Maharaja of Mysore and Sir M. Visweswaraya. The college provides a lot of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Factors to consider before Admission

Ideally, students need to be doing a lot of research about the college they would like to join. They will have to consider every process in the whole undergraduate or postgraduate time period. The entrance examination, the admission process, the training process, everything this to be considered before a student selects the preferred college to study the course in. Some colleges have a very complicated admission process which requires a lot of documentation work and a lot of time is consumed unnecessarily. Students must avoid this and try to apply for colleges that have no such problems by checking reviews about colleges on multiple websites. For example, according to a few review websites the Maharaja’s College Admission  Process is very simple and non-time consuming, which is ideal as the students can focus on other aspects of the process of starting their professional course education.

After High School Education

After high school, students have a choice whether to pursue a technical education or a vocational course. A technical education is where a student will be learning and training in depth about various topics in that particular field whereas a vocational course is a one- or two-year certification course where a student will be getting a practical training towards doing a particular job. Not a lot of people prefer the vocational course now, as the world has become a highly competitive place and to be able to survive, it is important to have the highest degree achievable in education. This is because the job market is getting saturated with graduates who are all mostly equally qualified and now some companies mostly hire students who have higher skill sets or whoever has a greater number of courses done.

One solution to this problem is pursuing a technical degree after completing a diploma course, this was the student will have a good practical application skill and theoretical knowledge which will make him/her an exceptional candidate for most of the companies that are hiring now. Another important factor taken into consideration is the college or university where the student is getting his/her degree from.

If the university is recognized by a national board of accreditation, only then will the degree be given any consideration. This is why it is important for students and their parents to do some research about the colleges providing education in a professional degree course. Well known universities in India such as PES, LPU, Maharaja’s University (Mysore), etc. are all accredited by the national board of accreditation with a really high grade which means that students who graduate from these universities are given more preference during the hiring process.

Major Drawback of Direct Admission

However, another drawback is that most students prefer technical education only, either due to pressure from parents or because they are clueless about the various other degree courses available. There are a lot of other courses such as philosophy, arts, literature, etc. and these courses are very under-rated and students should be educated and should start considering these courses as it will make it easier for them to find employment. Usually most colleges just take the admission fees and allow the students to start whichever degree course they would have paid for. But there are some colleges that provide consultancy services during the admission process so students can find the course best suited to them and this will make it easier for them to find a job after graduation. Maharaja’s College Admission Process is one of the few admission processes that includes a consultancy service to allow students to find a proper course.


As stated earlier, it is important to consider all the points of view before starting a degree course so that it is easier to find a job after graduation and all students looking to apply for a bachelor’s or a master’s course should practice this way of picking a course and the college or university they want to study in.

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