4 Fitness Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Workout

4 Fitness Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Workout

Are you new to the zone of fitness? Well, it’s time to buckle up because we have got five interesting fitness tips that will help you make the most out of your workout session. Follow these tips and achieve your fitness goals in no time .

  • Lift weights

Cardio will not always help. You might have noticed that people nowadays are heading towards quickest ways of achieving their desired body shapes. Even within their long, hectic work hours they are switching to a new age 24 hours gym. And because the 24 hours fitness policy allows them to make use of the gym at any time of the day, they are finding their workout sessions easy and productive. No doubt that 24 hours gyms are a boon to each one of us but have you ever thought about the workouts that you are doing in the absence of instructors? Doing cardio everyday will not help you lose weight. With daily cardio you are sabotaging yourself and making weight loss more difficult. One of the best things one can do to make the most out of their workout is to use a weight bench. It will help you to lift more weight which will in turn build stronger muscles. Not only that, but it also helps improve posture and muscle tone. Lifting weights builds muscle to increase your metabolic rate and gain less abdominal fat.

  • Listen music

Music can be a real game changer. How? We all know that your favourite songs can boost you up for a workout. It would gradually fire you up and help you perform ten times better than normal. You might have seen music that has different beats. When we humans listen to those beats, we tend to match up to the same. While working out when the same tune is perceived by our ears, our brain tends to move as per the same beat. There was a suggestion given for the 24 hour fitness policy to make music a compulsion in the gym. This was because, many times in the absence of trainers, you need a beat that keeps you going and that beat can be gained from music.

  • Warmups are beneficial

There are many people who believe in stretching before they start with their actual workout. Well, no doubt the ‘bend and hold’ stretches give a great momentum to start off but it is definitely not as dynamic as a warm up session. Think of a rubber band. If you keep on stretching it, do you think it will go as far as you thought it would after you pull it back. Of course not. Your body is the same. You put so much effort in stretching that your body doesn’t give a hundred percent during the final performance. It is always good to start with a little leg extensions, squats and jumps. That would be more beneficial than stretching. 24 hour fitness rules specify the same. Make warm up sessions a part of your workout routine and you’ll see the difference in your performance.

  • Do intervals

Intervals and breaks are part of every workout session. When you do minute per minute intervals after a high intensity workout, you will notice major benefits in terms of fat loss. You might have seen several workout sessions that involve squats, pushups, lunges and burpees. These long running workouts guarantee to burn 15 calories per minute. And how does that happen? With regular intervals. No matter how busy you are, you should always find time to relax and then hit the floor. And with a 24 hours gym gaining so much popularity, time is just an excuse but not an issue. You can plan on performing three – four exercises, with a duration of 20 seconds each and have 10 secs break in between. This will give your body more energy than before.

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