Advantages Of Digitised Healthcare Facilities in India



India is growing in forming an integrated network of creating hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, health start-ups, etc. The regulatory framework set up by the government, with the help of policies and guidelines, has charted a path toward the future. 

This movement spurred and gained momentum during the pandemic, and rapid digitisation that led to the use of smartphones supported by the government initiatives like the National Digital Health Mission and Make was an innovative twist that accelerated the growth of digital support in the arena of health-tech 

Initiatives by the Indian Government

To make sure that the citizens were ensured the government’s services electronically, the Digital India campaign was launched. By improving the country’s online infrastructure and increasing internet connectivity throughout, most people can now avail of the different services ranging from the COVID-19 certificate download after vaccination to seeking medical assistance from doctors in different cities. This form of adaptive intelligence lowered the long-existing barriers between hospitals and people. This was particularly true for tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. 

The primary goal of launching the online movement to facilitate healthcare services was to bridge the gap between healthcare and its beneficiaries. Prevention of diseases, lesser costs, customised medications based on the needs, monitoring and management of chronic conditions, easy access to personal records, equal healthcare for all, etc., were a few of the objectives. 

Cowin and its Advantages

Amid the pandemic, when the people of India needed a ray of hope, the government launched the Cowin portal to ensure that each willing citizen of India was given access to the necessary next step in preventing any further disruption caused by the deadly virus. Since then, through Cowin and Aarogya Setu, more than 200 crore vaccinations have been completed. Furthermore, setting up and understanding this portal was made extremely user-friendly so that people who found it challenging to use smartphones or were not tech-savvy could quickly gain an insight into its working. 

With a few easy steps, you can log in to the online platform and get an appointment for your vaccine dose. You will have to enter your phone number or Aadhar number on the website and enter the OTP to become an official beneficiary. Once you have completed your dose (single or both), you can avail of the vaccine certificate download by aadhaar number services on the same platform. 

Constant Upgrades in Cowin

The government of India is constantly upgrading Cowin to add improvements that would further benefit society at large. Along with adding up to 6 beneficiaries on the same mobile number, you can also use it to get your precaution dose. You will get updates and information via text message to know when you will be eligible for the same.

  • Features to report any side effects after the vaccination
  • Early administration of the precautionary dose owing to international travel
  • Vaccines and information about vaccines for children.
  • Linking of the passport to Cowin was one of the major developments that were done to the platform.

The introduction of ABHA

The digitisation of healthcare also brought about another ecosystem – Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA). The primary vision for this initiative was to provide the required support to the country to have a more integrated digital healthcare infrastructure.

The support was also extended to Universal Health Coverage safely and efficiently. The ABHA card is a unique 14-digit number randomly generated, allowing you to securely access and securely share your health records with other people, such as doctors or healthcare professionals. You can also consult verified and reliable medical service providers with the help of the website or mobile app. 

ABHA has several benefits:

  • The digitisation of health records 
  • Access to doctors
  • Create and share personal health records, which eliminate the need to carry a long paper trail every time you visit a doctor
  • Consensual access – doctors can only view the data if you share your ABHA number with them. You can also revoke your consent at any time you deem fit.
  • Security – the platform is based on strong and secure encryption codes
  • Easy sign-up – With the help of your Aadhar card or driving license, you will be able to create your ABHA number quickly.

Registering for the ABHA card and Cowin has been made very simple by the government. You can make use of the advantages of both these platforms as they are also integrated and accessible.


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