Can blue light glasses cause headaches?

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Amidst the discussions of blue light and its harmful effect that are doing the rounds across the world, it seems the only saviors that we have are blue light glasses. There is no better way to escape from the blue light except with the use of these blue light blocking glasses.  Almost every second user across the globe is wearing blue light glasses because they tend to use digital devices such as laptop, computers etc. on a regular basis and that too for 10 hours or more. With such a massive presence of blue light surrounding us, it is time that irrespective of the prescription we must wear blue filter glasses.  In fact, people who do not have eyesight issues may also opt for non-prescription blue filter glasses. Thus, both prescription and non-prescription glasses users can get their lenses having the anti-blue light feature.

As it is said, awareness and protection are better than the treatment. Therefore, if we could take this small step now to cover our eyes with blue light blocking glasses, then we can surely protect our eyes from the occurrence of various ailments in future.  And believe us; these glasses are going to enhance your beauty with the use of attractive frames.

Can blue light glasses cause headache

Many people think that blue light glasses cause headaches. Consider this as just a rumour that has no substance or truth. IT is absolutely wrong to say the blue light glasses causes headaches. Opposite to this notion, blue light blocking glasses are here to protect the occurrence of headaches which may cause due to unwanted exposure of blue light to our eyes. To understand this concept it is important to first understand the consequences of blue light.

Harmful effects of blue light

All said and done, blue light causes several issues which affect the following:

  • Eyes: Excessive user blue light causes strain, weakness, pain, stress, dry, red, wetness and even itchiness. In extreme cases, the situation could be so severe that it may cause retinal damage.
  • Head: Headaches occur only as a result of stress faced by the muscles of eyes while focusing on the object as well as due to blue light rays. The degree of pain could be so strong that it may lead to what is known as digital migraine.
  • Sleeping disorder: Our biological sleeping pattern is designed in such a way that Melatonin hormone is regulated in the presence of blue light. Thus, during day time when sunlight brings blue light, our brain functions in such a way that our body is awake. However, after sunset, when natural blue light is absent, the Melatonin hormone induces sleep. But when after dark blue light-emitting devices trick the body to assume it is as the day, our brain believes it to be day time and hence we face issues such as insomnia, difficulty in sleeping, loss of sleep etc.

Therefore, it is very much clear that it is the exposure of blue light that causes headache and not the blue light blocking glasses

Instead, blue filter glasses are a useful shield and a protective gear for our eyes.

What if the headache persists after using blue light blocking glasses?

Some people complain that despite using the blue light feature in their prescription and non-prescription glasses they face headache issues. The blue light blocking glasses cannot be blamed for the headache. It should be noted that the causes of headache even after using blue filter glasses could be any of the following:

  1. Use of the wrong prescription glasses can cause a headache if the power strength of the lenses is more or less than the actual.
  2. The scratched or dirty lenses could be another reason as the eyes would strain to focus on the objects and will lead to a headache.
  3. The absence of anti-glare coating on the glasses.
  4. When using varifocal glasses for the first time having blue filter lenses, then you may experience a headache for a couple of weeks.

Where can I buy blue filter glasses with prescription and non-prescription?

To buy prescription and non-prescription glasses that have blue filter technology, log on to specscart uk website which is the leading manufacturers of eyewear in the UK. Specscart’s eyeglasses have the capacity to block 99.99% of harmful blue light. Besides, the lenses are loaded with the properties of anti-glare and anti-UV to provide complete protection from unwanted reflections and UV rays.

Once you will start using blue light blocking glasses, you will experience that even after using a laptop, computer and television for long hours, there is no eye-health issue or headache.  Moreover, the eyeglasses from Specscart will win your heart with their unique and attractive designs, colours and brands. Get your favourite pair with same-day delivery or choose to try glasses at home at discounted prices.

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