Can Apple Watch Help in Early Detection of COVID-19 Symptoms?

Can Apple Watch Help in Early Detection of COVID-19 Symptoms?

Apple Watch is a state-of-the-art technology that can help users in various ways, even beyond what one can imagine. From the first launch to the recently enunciated Apple Watch Series 6, the brand has come up with a plethora of improvements and streamlined features. This is why the innovative device in blend with the best leather watch bands in New Zealand holds substantial value for students, business professionals, and every person on the planet.

Moreover, the present-day word that Apple Watch can detect COVID-19 symptoms earlier than any traditional technologies has left folks open-mouthed. Where a few users are in high spirit on hearing this, many, on the other hand, are curious to dive deep into the fact of the matter. 

If you are one among them, let’s explore the fringe benefits of the Apple Watch in pandemic times and come to the verdict.

Which Apple Watch Features Associates To Diagnoses Of COVID-19 Symptoms?

The symptoms of Coronavirus mainly include high fever, cough, and cold. Although iWatch cannot take our body temperature due to stress and sweat on the wrist, its proficiency in monitoring heart rate contributes to the cause. 

According to the Stanford Survey, ‘81% test participants witness a shift in heart rates up to 9.5 days before the symptoms of COVID-19 emerges’. In other words, if you use your smartwatch for heart rate monitoring, it can help you get warning signs for possible flu-like infection in advance.

  • Heart Rate App on Apple Watch 

In coordination with the best leather Apple Watch band in New Zealand, Apple Watch can represent the current rate, resting heart rate, and walking heart rate. You can also use the gadget to access heart rate monitoring when you are inactive. What’s more incredible is that Apple Watch Series 4, 5, and 6 also comprises built-in electrodes to measure the electrical signals across the heart in the form of an ECG app. 

The results in context to fluctuations in your heart rate during sleep can be a sign that your body is suffering from a sort of infection. Here’s how you can put this feature into use –

Open Settings app on Apple Watch > Go to Privacy > Health > Tap Heart Rate > Turn on Heart Rate.

  • Blood Oxygen App on Apple Watch Series 6

Besides heart rate monitoring, having a squint at an oxygen level in the blood can also help people paint a picture of COVID-19 symptoms. The innovative Apple Watch Series 6 came up with an in-built Blood Oxygen app that can measure the oxygen level in the blood, thus helping you stay cautioned regarding your health in the pandemic. 

It is based on the fact that the typical oxygen saturation level is 90% in the body, but if results display lower expanse than this, it might be due to the impact of COVID-19 symptoms on your air sacs. Simply put, by estimating the blood oxygen level with your latest timepiece complemented with a leather Apple Watch band in New Zealand, you can knock the COVID-19 problem on the head.


Surmising the facts and studies, Apple Watch is indeed an extraordinary piece of technology that helps one stay ahead of the fitness game during Coronavirus times. The features such as heart rate monitoring and the Blood Oxygen app are significant reasons behind the notion. Although, the results are not as direct as an actual body temperature reading.

All in all, iWatch, when blended with your favorite leather watch bands in New Zealand, can be a key solution to detect COVID-19 symptoms at an early stage. Thus, be strategic with your precious timepiece and fight the undesirable times of pandemic innovatively.

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