How many questions are on the Cisco ENCOR?

How many questions are on the Cisco ENCOR?

In this article, you will know the complete details of the Cisco ENCOR exams. The topics covered in the exam, the time allotted for the exam, and the number of questions you get. What the exam is, the validity and the importance of the exam will get cleared here. To know about the dumps of the exam, jump over at this website.

The ENCOR 350 – 401 Exam

The ENCOR (Implementing Cisco ENCOR Enterprise Network Core Technologies) is the exam that has many benefits. This exam gets considered a big deal because of its quality. This exam consists of six domain topics where you should have deep knowledge about all the topics. The topics covered in the core enterprise network technology include Architecture, Virtualization, Automation, Infrastructure, Network Assurance, and Security. 

This exam fulfills three exams, CCNP Core, CCIE Infrastructure Lab, and CCIE Wireless Lab qualification. It is a mandatory core exam for the CCNP Enterprise Track exam. You can become a certified person of CCNP Enterprise after passing ENCOR and other professional concentration exams like ENARSI. It is a 120 minutes exam with the approximation of 100 plus or minus questions. The number of questions may vary according to the marks allotted to each one in the 350-401 exam questions. The cost for the exam is $ 400 (USD) per attempt (in 2021). The CCNP Recertification exam cost may change from $ 300 to $ 400. This exam will recertify your CCNP for about three years. 

After each successful attempt of ENCOR with any other professional concentration exam like ENARSI will recertify the CCIE Enterprise for three years. Here the recertification cost may range from $ 450 to $ 700. 

Eligibility For The Exam

It may be a question for many who wish to attend the exam. Those interested in working for CISCO ENCOR Channel Partner, Network Consultants, System Engineers, and Interrogators teams have the compulsion to pass this exam. There are no prerequisites like education types or certifications. Passing this exam will be a challenging part where deficient people do it. People with relevant experience of the topic they choose may guide them to do the exams well and clear it. Experienced people will possess the knowledge, so it is easier for them to enhance their knowledge for further improvement.

Tips And Tricks

Plan Your Pattern

Ensure that you have the preplan for the exam you attend. Without any prior plan, one cannot go for the exam with satisfaction. Collect the study material and the syllabus for the exam and plan it accordingly. Try to cover most parts of the syllabus before a week the exam commencement and do not start any new topics after that. Revise the covered topics that week.

Combine And Record

Make a combination of the subject and strictly follow that plan. Do not dump more different concepts in a day. You can combine the same type and simple topics for a day to increase your learning rapidity. Try reading aloud and record it in your voice. Reading aloud will maintain your concentration and avoid distraction. It helps in focusing on the topics and maintaining absorption for your mind. Listen to your recordings since it stays in your mind and aids in the exam.

Plan The Outline

Outline and the study structure will help you revise the objectives you have covered. Outlines stick in your mind and stay longer than you expect.

Find Passed Out Professional

Try taking guidance from a professional for the environment and preparation for the exam.

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